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Discussion in 'General' started by aclockworktwins, Sep 20, 2017.

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    I am a new father to twins (and I have a three year old)
    I haven't seen to many dads on here but I thought I should write some of my thoughts.

    I'm kinda freaking out. The twins have been out of the NICU and home for 2 days and I just have been having a rough time. I'm worried about them, I'm worried about my 3 year old, i'm worried about how the heck i'm going to support my family. I'm just worried!!!

    It all just seems so much right now. I haven't had any sleep. I just feel like everything is a mess right now.
  2. kingeomer

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    First and foremost, congratulations on your twins.

    I think freaking out is very normal, especially with newborn twins. And you have a three year old. Do you and your wife have someone else there to help out? One of the things that helped us was my Mom staying for a few days after the twins came home, just so we could some type of rhythm down.

    I can understand supporting the family is tough worry too. Lack of sleep does not help your emotional state. I think first and foremost, take a nap when you can. Share your worries with your partner, take everything one thing at a time. ((hugs))
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    Congratulations :)
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