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Discussion in 'General' started by ljcrochet, Feb 27, 2015.

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    One of my girls is on a basketball team.  There are 10 girls on the team, for most of the team this is their first time playing.  Most of the girls joined because one of the girls parents really wanted her to play.  She said the only way she would if her dad coached and her friends were on the time.
    One of my girls friends is plays on a different team in the same league. Her mom was asking me what our team did about the all-star.  Her daughter's team at a practice had to pick the "top" 3 players to make this all star team for a special all- star game.   I told the other mom I had not heard of anything on our team.
    The other day my dd came home asking if she ever missed a game or practice because one of the girls on the team was talking about the all star game.  I told her no.  She later found out that the 3 girls from our team, was the coaches daughter, the sister of the girls who told her, and then 2-3 other girls were asked but couldn't come so the girl who told DD about it was the one.
    Aside from my DD's feeling being hurt about being left out, to knowing nothing about it.   This is what the leagues policy is according to the registration form
    It is not a competitive league.  I just can't wrap my head around how anyone thought it was a good idea to exclude the bulk of each team ( there are 7 teams- i know that at least 2 teams had to pick 3 girls). 
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    The only sport that our Rec. does and all star game for is baseball.  The number of people each team gets depends on how the team does during the season, so the top teams may get 4 slots and the bottom 2, and it ranges within the teams.  I think it is usually political who gets picked, as last year it was the kids of both coaches.  One year the coach did say (he didn't have any kids on the team), that one of mine was next in line had we gotten one more sport--the years he coached were the ones I felt the selection was most fair.  
    I don't have a problem with picking the "top" kids for an all star team,  I do have an issue when it is the "popular" kids picked vs. the best kids.
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    I think my biggest issue is hearing about it from a mom of a kid on a different team, and a girls on her team. Nothing official from a league that says kids play in all games.
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    Our softball league had an all star game too.  It is, however, mentioned in all the league/rule information.  Our coach definitely picked the 3 best players to go (meaning not his daughter). 
    I agree that I am okay with it as long as it is the best players who are sent, and it doesn't become a political or popularity contest.
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