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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Abbe2b3, May 31, 2011.

  1. Abbe2b3

    Abbe2b3 Member

    It has taken me a bit to post but my ladies came into this world on May 19th (33wks). Ava Diane was 3lbs 2 oz 16 in, Betty Kat was 3 lbs 11 oz 16.5 in. The c-section was a complete breeze. The girls were wisked off to the nicu. Ava required no breathing assistance, Betty went on to cpap (room air)for 12hrs. Fast fwd to today : Betty is off assistance and has been moved to an open bed since she hit 4 lbs. Ava is growing about an ounce a day and both are working on learning to eat. It is all very surreal and I can't wait for them to come home.

    To those scared of the c-section, don't be! My catheter was more of a pain in the a$$. Take the pain meds and get lots of sleep. I will be 2 wks post op on Thursday and I am movng around better than I did in those last weeks of pregnancy. Good luck to those still waiting on their miracles, health and love to those beans!
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  2. christiedawntoews

    christiedawntoews Active Member

    Congrats! Cute names and glad you all doing good!!
  3. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    Congrats! I'm glad everything has gone so well. Beautiful names!
  4. Lindala25

    Lindala25 Well-Known Member

    congratulations! I hope your little girls pack on those ounces quickly.
  5. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Congrats to you and your little girlies!
  6. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    :Clap: Congrats on your girls!! Please be sure to visit the NICU forum for any support you need during or after their NICU stay.
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  7. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Congratulations!!! Glad the c-section went well and glad the girls are growing and making progress. Hopefully you'll be home in no time!
  8. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member


    I am glad you are doing well and hope you all get to come home very very soon!!!!
  9. ward

    ward Well-Known Member

    congratulations!!! Thats SO awesome.
  10. lharrison1

    lharrison1 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Congrats on your sweet little girls!!
  11. Henderson

    Henderson Well-Known Member

    Congrats! And wellcome little girls!! I agree the c section is no worse than the last few weeks! Lol!!
  12. lilybay

    lilybay Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! Love their names!
  13. monica77

    monica77 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations!!! I hope they are coming home soon. Very cute names :).
  14. Tamaralynn

    Tamaralynn Well-Known Member

    COngrats on your girls! I also agree about the section! The last few weeks of pregnancy SUCKED way more then the c/section did
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