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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by christinam, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. christinam

    christinam Well-Known Member

    Sorry this is such a whine but I post here because everyone understands. I need to run to Wal-Mart. Something I ordered is in (site to store) and I need to pick up a few items. I am kicking myself now for not paying the $8 in shipping but it's too late. I really want to go but it's such a pain! It's cold out so I have to bundle up the kids and the twins. When I get to the store I have to push the Snap & Go and pull a cart because I don't want to pull the girls out of their seats to put in the regular stroller. Sorry I usually don't whine about this type of thing but today I'm just not feeling it. I need to go because something I am picking up is a gift and I am meeting up with the person tomorrow. I was just thinking as much as I love the girls being babies I am looking forward to when I don't have to pack a diaper bag anymore.
  2. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I hear your! There are plenty of days where I don't go anywhere just because of the hassle, and all I have is the twins! I long for the days where i could avoid shipping rates, but now I gladly pay them because just about any amount of money is worth not having to pack the kids up, drag them into a busy store, stop them from getting into 1000 things while I try to pay for an item, and then struggle to carry whatever it is out. It's a pain!
  3. mommaoffour_ohmy

    mommaoffour_ohmy Well-Known Member

    Ditto....Safeway here delivers groceries to your door (for a price) and its SO tempting...but DH would kill me, only cause he has NEVER gone anywhere by himself with the twins let alone all kids. (((rolling my eyes))
  4. christinam

    christinam Well-Known Member

    Ahh yes I forgot about keeping the kids out of stuff. Since we are going to Wal-Mart we will have to do the Christmas decorations AND toys today. I usually don't mind but I'm just not feeling it. I think I'm going to park and walk in where they won't see the decorations OR the toys. Hopefully we can just skip it today.
  5. christinam

    christinam Well-Known Member

    I have to say my DH is pretty cool with that sort of thing. He wouldn't care if I had them delivered. He hasn't been anywhere with all the kids by himself but he has been with me and all the kids and he knows they're a hand full when out at stores. Sadly we don't have that option though. If we did I would be ALL over it.
  6. ncrawford

    ncrawford Active Member

    We all need to vent in order to stay sane! Today was my day to break down. Thought we had my sick baby on the mend...and we are back to square one. I have just joined this forum in the last few days and I feel so much better. I hate to say but most of my friends don't understand what it is like having two at a time. And when I do get upset or complain...they ask if I have Post it's because it's overwhelming having two at once! They think that having a 2year old and a newborn is the same as having's not! Sorry, guess I'm venting too! Hope you don't mind. :unsure:
  7. fmcquinn

    fmcquinn Well-Known Member

    It's 9 degrees today but I need to pick up some more Christmas gifts as well as milk. I really wish Publix delivered groceries. I thunk I've already decided to just order the rest of the gifts online! I, too, only have my twins, so I cannot imagine the effort to get more children out tge door.
  8. Silly_Putty

    Silly_Putty Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list! We had a blizzard a few days ago and it's frigid cold. I haven't even started Christmas shopping except for a few things online and the last thing I want to do it bundle them up, get them in the car, get them to the mall (never mind the few stores downtown that I would like to run in and out of), shop (like there's anywhere to even put stuff...), then get them plus the purchases home. I have this weekend...except I have company coming for the weekend and, although she would come shopping with me, I shop best on my own. I go to work at 5:00 when my husband gets home so I can't even go then! It's almost impossible to get out of the house before 11 am anyway!! I have gone out once with just one baby and couldn't believe how easy it was comparatively! Grab and go! haha
  9. christy.fisher

    christy.fisher Well-Known Member

    I've done the "push the stroller in the front, pull the cart in the back" act a few times myself. It is a pain but for me, it was worth it just to get out of the house!

    Go ahead and grump away! We all need it sometimes.
  10. christinam

    christinam Well-Known Member

    I made it the other day! lol I pushed the stroller and pulled the cart. It worked out a lot better than I thought. I will probably do that from now one instead of pushing all three in the double. The twindles are getting too big to ride side by side in the back of the double anyway.

    I heard "you've got your hands full" about twenty times at least! lol
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