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  1. KeriU

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    A brief history: my twins are currently 14 months old and since about 6 months we separated them. DS was in our room and DD stayed in their bedroom. DS seemed to be extremely high maintenance and I didn't want him waking her up every night. Most of the time DS coslept with us until about 10 months then I put him in a crib next to our bed. At 11 months I worked on night weaning DS as he was waking 3-7 times per night to feed. for the last 3.5 months my husband nor I have spent an entire night in our bed. We ended up on the couch, the living room floor, in the extra bedroom downstairs just to get some sleep. DS would see me in bed and cry for me until I picked him up or left the room. When I would leave he would only cry for about 30 seconds then go to sleep. It was driving me CRAZY not to sleep in my own bed not to mention I didn't sleep well at all anywhere else.

    So yesterday, I had enough and moved his crib back in with DD. The overnight wasn't too bad actually. I didn't have to get up with either of them. I heard DS fuss for a few minutes but that was it. It is nap time and I am listening to them blabber/half cry. Is it unreasonable that they take a nap in the same room? will they get used to it as they are now older? When separated they napped pretty good most days. I was going to give it a week or two for them to get used to it, but as I listen to this I am not sure what I was thinking, but I think that and know I don't want DS back in my room! I don't really have any other options as to where to put him. My older DS goes to bed later than them (they go to bed 630) and he would definitely wake DS up with all his yelling he does some nights and our extra bedroom is downstairs and I am not comfortable with any of us being on a different floor.

    Any thoughts or experience would be good...even to know if I am headed in the right direction or not.

  2. miss_bossy18

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    Do you have a PnP that your son could sleep in in your room just for naps?

    Otherwise, I think your plan of giving it a week or two to see if they adjust is a good one - it's a pretty big change & you won't know really how they're doing with it until they've had some time to get used to the new scenario.
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  3. mommylaura

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    Yay for getting him out of your room! that's awesome. Could he just nap in your room? My twins also sometimes keep each other up at naptime jumping around in their cribs and laughing and eventually crying. They never do stuff like that at night. I heard it only gets worse when you take them out of the crib. Ah the joys of twin-parenthood.
  4. monica77

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    My twins also sleep in their bedroom at night, but for naps, Max - the good sleeper - goes into a PNP in the guest room, it's easier for everybody. So maybe you can put your DD in the PNP in the guest room or your room if she sleeps well anywhere. This way your son will still have the comfort of his crib and the transition may be smoother for him.
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  5. bellawillawyatt

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    it just depends on how you work naptimes. My twins have been in the same room/ different cribs sense they were about 7 months old. (home from NICU to 3 months in our room same PnP and 3 months to about 7 in their room in the same crib) I am pretty hardcore as far as sleeping goes. I do about anything I can to keep them on their schedule. Naptime is from 11 to 1:30(if they are awake) but normally they sleep til 2. then bedtime is 7:30. Some days they sleep less but they are in their cribs. I put them down at 11 and they sometimes are so tired they fuss and fidget for a couple of minutes then sleep. Other days they are wired for some reason and I put them down at 11 and they will talk and sing and dance and bounce in their cribs til noon and sleep til 2. If you can stick to it and put them down at the same time and stand letting them sing and dance and play for a little while without getting them up then I would say keep him in the same room. It may take a week or so but the excitement of having their twin in the same room will wear off and they will start going to sleep. Are they in the same crib still or do they have 2 different cribs? If they are still in the same crib I would put a PnP in the room with the crib instead of trying to get them to nap in the same crib. They would be more likly to stay up playing or one fall asleep and the other wake them if they can touch each other kwim.
  6. E's 3

    E's 3 Well-Known Member

    I also separate my girls for nap but night is not an issue. They are in big beds now and the problem got much worse when I moved them from their cribs. DD1 (the more high maintenance one) goes in my sons room to nap and DD2 stays in their room. I was putting DD1 in my bed but then she started asking to sleep there at night so I started napping her in my sons room instead. If you're going to move either of them for nap I suggest not using your room since you're working on getting it back for you and DH!

    As the PPs said I would give it some time and not bring him back to your room :). My girls co-slept with us until they were 10 months old when my husband had had enough and moved them to their cribs in their room down the hall. After about a week it was better so don't give up!
  7. KeriU

    KeriU Well-Known Member

    Thanks ladies! So far so good. Actually so much better that I keep asking myself- why in the world didn't I do it sooner!!! My DS is sleeping from 630 to about 6 a.m. nurses then goes back to sleep until 730 or 8. It is amazing. I didn't realize just how sleep deprived I was. It is kind of bittersweet though as we did cosleep with both of them for a while at first. As far as naps go, it has gotten better. They pretty much just go to sleep without much effort. I will keep in mind moving one to a my other DS's room for naps when and if they day ever comes I move them out of the cribs and have issues.
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