My kids need glasses

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  1. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    Well, we just found out for sure that both our boys need glasses.  I am SO stressed about keeping these glasses on them and not broken.  They are very active and run around, romp, wrestle, etc. all the time.  We paid for the total warranty for lenses and frames, but I am worried the glasses are going to be constantly lost or broken.
    Anyone been through this and have advice?  The doctor said they are significantly far sighted, so we are looking at having to have glasses from now on.
    UGH.  I was hoping it would just be "come back in 6 months and keep an eye on it" instead of actually needing glasses.
  2. AimeeThomp

    AimeeThomp Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Did you check out miraflex frames?
  3. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Doesn't Walmart have a 1 year guarantee if glasses get broken? I understand you are nervous about them breaking the glasses: do either of you wear glasses? I was a rough and tumble kid and never had my glasses broken. One time a gym teacher even hit me in the face with a softball and they didn't break.
  4. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    We picked from the frames that they had at the office.  They were a bit pricey, but I wanted to go ahead and order something to get them started with since the dr said their vision is really pretty bad and they need them asap.  I figure once we get these and see how they do, the next time, I'll price shop more.
    I wear contacts, so I used to wear glasses, but I didn't get them until 5th grade and was very responsible and had no issues.   Now I wear glasses around the house.  DH wore glasses/contacts before having Lasix, but same thing, he didn't need them until upper elementary.
    My kids are just SO rough with each other and they really are not good at any sort of taking care of ANYTHING at this point.  They break toys ALL the time, even ones that seem indestructible.
  5. mama_dragon

    mama_dragon Well-Known Member

    It will be much easier then you think.  My very stubborn child put on the glasses on the first time and refused to take them off that night.  I even asked how to keep them on him and the lady told me it would not be a problem.  They made such a huge difference in his vision he has never once bulked at wearing them.  He has had them since he was two (new frame each year since his vision worsens every year and often it's hard to fit lenses to his current glasses) and he has only broken one pair beyond repair.  We get a 1 year warranty which includes one new set of lenses due to scratches.  We take advantage of the lenses scratch warranty each year although each year he gets better with them so can go longer without lenses replacement.  I hold him to the rule of glasses on head or in case.  He also has to take them off if he is wrestling.  But otherwise he wears them everywhere playground, gymnastics etc.  
      I buy them at the pediatric office.  They are just so much better at fitting kids and the frame selection is better.  I've looked at target and Wal-Mart but they don't have the options I find there.  He can practically bend his glasses in half any direction without the frames breaking.  I am just thankful we have really good vision insurance.
  6. seamusnicholas

    seamusnicholas Well-Known Member

    Miraflex rock.  My little girl got them around 19 months.  She has had the same pair and she will be 3 years old this month.  My biggest recommendation is to get transitional lenses for the sun.  The first pair I got her were regular glasses...I was so new to all of it.  A few weeks later we were outside for a walk and she kept saying, "sunny, sunny"  I decided to get her another pair with transitional lenses and use the original for backup.  They are the best.  And she is +6.5 and +8.5.  She never takes them off.  
  7. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    My twins got glasses just shy of three years old. I was so worried but the kids could see so much better that the glasses stayed on.  We have never had any issues with them wearing them.  They have only been broken once (Audrey's).  Clayton's frames are the bendable ones.  They are a pain to stay in shape, but they can get bent out of shape and then bent back into shape with no issues.  Good luck!
    There is also a direct correlation of behavior and eyesight.  Poor vision might make kids misbehave.  Glasses may help any of that (if there is any). 
  8. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, ladies.  Maybe I am worrying for nothing.  I guess we will find out later this week. 
    I DO hope this improves their behavior.  According to their daycare teachers, they are the only kids that still struggle to sit still during story time, and I am wondering if that's because of the vision issues.  They also ALWAYS have to touch things still, more than most kids their age, and that would make sense, too, with them being farsighted.
    We looked at the Miraflex frames, but decided to go with the metal ones instead.  They are the only kids in their classes who will have glasses, and I wanted something less noticeable.  The metal ones blend in with their face more and look less "dorky" (sorry, I know that sounds awful, but I don't want to set them up to get picked on as the only ones with those - you know?).
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  9. mama_dragon

    mama_dragon Well-Known Member

    My child is the only child in the school who wears glasses (his twin does not wear glasses).  He has never once been teased.  He picked glasses that completely stand out this time around.  He loves them.  He looks awesome in the frames and knows it, very stylish and definitely not like a dork.  Kids in his class even noticed when we came back and he got lots of compliments.  I let him pick the frames (tech knows price range) with the technicians help.  I stay out of it.  Gives him ownership.  
    As far as behavior... I felt horrible that I had no idea that my child needed glasses.  I knew it was likely one of them would and I knew the typical signs.  I just didn't put it all together until after his peds doctor suggested he needed to see an eye doctor at his two year check up.  He would never sit still for long and while he liked being read to it wasn't the same as his twin.  Was very physically active.  Had to touch everything.  We figured he was just an active kid.  He was also a late talker and had just started speech when he got the glasses.  Literally it was like a whole new world opened up.  His speech exploded.  Suddenly he stopped ignoring the world.  Hopefully you will see some changes after they get the glasses.  He is severely farsighted and now has astigmatism in both eyes.
  10. seamusnicholas

    seamusnicholas Well-Known Member

    I have to say... My daughter is he only one in preschool with glasses and gets ridiculous positive attention from everyone. There is kind of nothing cuter than a little one in glasses. And it's a non issue for the peers. And when she goes I to her brothers 2nd grade class, the kids eat her up. My boys are now in second grade and so any of their classmates have glasses.
    I have to say... My daughter is he only one in preschool with glasses and gets ridiculous positive attention from everyone. There is kind of nothing cuter than a little one in glasses. And it's a non issue for the peers. And when she goes I to her brothers 2nd grade class, the kids eat her up. My boys are now in second grade and so any of their classmates have glasses.
  11. FGMH

    FGMH Well-Known Member

    Our daughter has also been wearing glasses since she was three and we still have our first frame. She has been excellent at wearing them although she has one normal eye and one severely far-sighted one (she inherited that trait from me) and could see pretty ok without glasses just using one eye - which is why she needs the glasses, using one eye only is a habit that is very hard to break once the nerves get used to one-sided use. We also have the rule that she has to wear the glasses or put them in their case or in one of the other designated safe spots. That has worked really well for her. She is very active and the only thing that is risky for the glasses is when she plays soccer with the boys.
    We also think she looks very cute in her glasses and although she is the only one in her pre-school class with glasses and although she needs to wear a patch for a couple of hours every day she has never once been teased. I think glasses are much more common these days as we are better at recognizing sight-problems before school starts, accordingly teasing is very rare.
    Good luck - I am sure your boys will enjoy their better sight and learn to take care of their glasses.
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