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Discussion in 'General' started by prairiemom3, Mar 23, 2008.

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    My DD is driving me crazy. She is being perfectly normal I know, but I wish she had some enthusiasm for some things! She is enthusiastic about her social life, but not about things around home. She has 2 horses (one is retired and one we got her last year) and she is not into them anymore at all. I know I went through this at her age and my Dad sold my horse which broke my heart. Yesterday I wanted to go riding with her as I hadn't rode my horse for over a year!! She wasn't into it. So I said well how about you watch the babes and I go with Dad? She was like ehh. So I said it's one or the other. She picked watching the twins because it is less effort. They had been fed and would go for a nap with in an hour. Anyway, we went and had an awesome time!! My horse was SUPER hyper which I love, My DH's was too but she likes to buck when she's frisky! Anyway, it was really nice. So today is really nice again and I want to take her. I am making her come with me. Yes, I know, kind of controversial here... but I just know that once she is out there she will have a great time. Plus all she is doing is watching TV all day.
    So, does anyone have advice for me? I just wish she would have a little enthusiasm about it. Plus her new horse is really fantastic and she will go to waste if she doesn't get ridden more. She does go to 4-h with her 2 times a month, but always complains about it and then says she had fun after. Maybe this will pass.
    I guess this was mostly a vent so thanks for listening!
    I'm sure all us mom's of teens are going through similar stuff.
    Why don't you share your lazy teen stories to make me feel better!
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    Poor horse! If I spent all that money on a horse, I'd drag mine out by the brtiches to go riding. I'm glad you made her go with her.

    But, my are lazy butts as well when they aren't with friends. My oldest is into sports and staying as far away from the house as possible after school (she might spent three hours just on campus after school before getting a bus home), because she knows that she has chores to do every afternoon and maybe, just maybe if she never comes home - except for meals, then she doesn't have to do them! :rolleyes: I honestly don't know why she's so lazy about the chores, she's a compulsive cleaner and everything *has* to be clean, but she won't do it if I want her to. I don't get it! She's also lazy with her school work too, she's just barely passing most classes because she's just not doing the work. she's spend most of the time on the computer or listening to music.

    Sarah is on the phone constantly. And, if she could stay in bed all day, she would. Her chores are always done, but done with moaning and groaning and "Mom, can I stop now?"s. Austin spends time playing video games practically 24/7. He cooks a lot of meals, though, which is helpful. They don't like doing much of anything.

    So, you're not alone! I hope they get motivated to do something someday.
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