Name the top 3 places you shop for your kids' clothes

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by twoin2005, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    1. Target
    2. The Children's Place
    3. Mervyns

  2. Minette

    Minette Well-Known Member

    1. Our local consignment store
    2. The twin's club sale
    3. Target

    Not counting Target and Costco, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've bought new clothes from a retail store, even on sale. (I've NEVER bought them not on sale. :D )
  3. TwinLove

    TwinLove Well-Known Member

    1. Target
    2. Old Navy
    3. Gap

  4. kstar

    kstar Well-Known Member

    1) Old Navy
    2) Carter's
    3) Children's Place
  5. j_and_j_twins

    j_and_j_twins Well-Known Member

    Childrens Place
    Old Navy
  6. seamusnicholas

    seamusnicholas Well-Known Member

    Target for everyday wear or things that are on sale at the Gap. If we have somewhere nice to go, I will go to the Gap or Gymboree although today I did buy them an outfit for my nieces baptims from Target.
  7. doubledownmom

    doubledownmom Well-Known Member

    1. Baby Gap
    2. Talbot's Kids
    3. Target
  8. KYsweetheart

    KYsweetheart Well-Known Member

    Walmart is the only place I have bought my kids clothes at. To me it is the only reasonable priced clothing. I hate giving more SO much for name brand things when they grow out of them so fast!!

    I do get a lot of clothes from friends and family that are name brand, so my kids can still look cool... but to me the kids clothes at walmart are just as stylish.
  9. dfaut

    dfaut 30,000-Post Club

    Children's Place
    Children's Place
    Few things at Target
  10. NicoleT

    NicoleT Well-Known Member

    1. Target
    2. Gap
    3. Gymboree
  11. Becky02

    Becky02 Well-Known Member

    Walmart 90% of their clothes are from there
    Then it's Target, Costco, Kohls depends on what sales are going on.
  12. becky5

    becky5 Guest

    1. Target
    2. WalMart
    3. Costco
  13. Trish_e

    Trish_e Well-Known Member

    ~Children's Place
    ~Old Navy
    ~Target or Walmart
  14. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    1. Old Navy
    2. Carters (although I usually get it at Sams Club - they have the same one piece rompers at half the price!)
    3. Childrens Place - although lately they've had some of the UGLIEST clothes for little girls!
  15. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    1. Semiannual Twins Club Garage Sale
    2. Costco
    3. KMart
  16. MichelleL

    MichelleL Well-Known Member

    1. Carter's
    2. Carter's
    3. Carter's at BRU


    Seriously, my girls have TONS of Carter's clothing. I do also shop pretty equally at Old Navy, Gap, Macy's, Children's Place, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Sears,Gymboree, Hanna Andersson whereever they have something cute.
  17. Shadyfeline

    Shadyfeline Well-Known Member

    I'm really lucky that I haven't had to buy alot of clothes my family kind of spoils the boys. My younger cousin buys them alot of Old Navy, I have only ever bought them stuff at Old Navy from the clearance racks I think they have good prices but my fav places are

  18. berebunch31

    berebunch31 Well-Known Member

    1. Annual hospital yard sale
    2. My friend's clothes she's getting ready to sell at yard sale (her kids' clothes are all name brand, and in great shape, and I can get them for $1 a piece)
    3. Walmart/Target
  19. twindependent

    twindependent Well-Known Member

    Old Navy
    Children's Place
  20. Snittens

    Snittens Well-Known Member

    1. Gymboree
    2. Target and WalMart (yes, I find cute stuff at WM!)
    3. Hanna Andersson (wish it was more)

    I also get stuff from the consignment store, Goodwill, ebay, and a clothing forum. Oh yeah! Sales at The Children's Place outlet. I got a bunch of stuff for $2.99 a piece.
  21. threebecamefive

    threebecamefive Well-Known Member

    1. local 2nd hand shop (where I buy mostly Gymboree, Gap, and Children's Place in that order)
    2. JC Penney's
    3. Costco
  22. twinsohmy

    twinsohmy Well-Known Member

    1. Children's Place
    2. Old Navy
    3. Target
  23. Ilovemybabies

    Ilovemybabies Well-Known Member

    1. Gymboree (the best quality and cute stuff...I buy almost all of their clothes there)
    2. Target (for play clothes)
    3. Carters
  24. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    I ordered all of their summer clothes from Kelly's kids

    but normally if I JUST GO SHOPPING,

    JC Penney
    Sams (excellent deals on Carter's)

    FOR MY BOYS: who are 13,11,9 and want skateboard name brand

  25. Marieber

    Marieber Well-Known Member

    Old Navy
    Children's Place
    Land's End
  26. natmarie

    natmarie Well-Known Member

    I have been so lucky. We have gotten so many high quality clothes as hand-me downs. Also, my mom goes crazy shopping for my kids they are her only grandchildren). However, my top three would be:

    1. Consignment, buy from others, etc.
    2. Children's Place
    3. Walmart
  27. melissao

    melissao Well-Known Member

    Old Navy/Gap
  28. K*D*B

    K*D*B Well-Known Member

    Quiksilver Store
    Old Navy (jeans)

    I buy mostly for DS1 and then the twins wear the hand me downs. They get a few new shirts a year. My boys usually just wear jeans/t-shirts/sweatshirts.

  29. bridgeport

    bridgeport Well-Known Member

    Costco (not often, but when they have good stuff there we buy two of everything!!)
    Macys/Baby Gap tie
  30. lotus

    lotus Well-Known Member

    1. Old Navy
    2. Target
    3. Gymboree
  31. first_time_mommy_2_be_twins

    first_time_mommy_2_be_twins Well-Known Member

    1. Goodwill
    2. Other local consignment shop
    3. Once Upon A Child

    Our local Goodwill has all childrens clothing up to 3t for $1. Really how can you beat the price of $1 for practically new Gymboree, Childrens Place, Old Navy, Gap etc. clothing. Then I hit the other consignment shop every Wednesday for ebay shopping and always check out their clothing section because everything is 50% off on Wednesday. Yes I am cheap! LOL.

    I would have said Walmart too but have been boycotting them recently :p
  32. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(K*D*B @ Feb 12 2008, 08:59 PM) [snapback]619237[/snapback]
    Quiksilver Store
    Old Navy (jeans)

    I buy mostly for DS1 and then the twins wear the hand me downs. They get a few new shirts a year. My boys usually just wear jeans/t-shirts/sweatshirts.


    My best friend works for Quiksilver (main office in HB) and she gets the kids clothes from time to time. Ben has four t-shirts and three button up shirts that he wears on rotation on a regular basis. Some he has had since he was 9 mos. old (2T) and he STILL wears them. They last forever!!!!!! Hmmmm, we are visiting her at work tomorrow........
  33. BJAMs

    BJAMs Well-Known Member

    Old Navy
    Children's Place
  34. double-or-nothing

    double-or-nothing Well-Known Member

    Walmart (They have some really cute stuff and with such low prices, I don't cringe when they get it filthy.)
    The Children's Place outlet

    When I actually have some money to spend on clothes, I LOVE Gymboree and OshKosh (OshKosh has a twin discount) but they are just so expensive even at the outlet and even on sale. I find that Children's place has the BEST sales. I have gotten many adorable things off of the $.99, $1.99, and $2.99 racks. I find that Old Navy runs way to small on my girls. They are on the chunkier side and Old Navy tends to run skinny IMO.
  35. Babies4Susan

    Babies4Susan Well-Known Member

    Old Navy
    The Children's Place

    Costco has great, cheap stuff too.
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