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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by chicagomama, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. chicagomama

    chicagomama Well-Known Member

    I am flying on a short trip this week (chicago to boston, so about 2 hour flight) and starting to feel really anxious. My mom was going to fly with me but it got all messed up so she cant and I will be flying solo. Plan to have one baby as a lap baby, the other I bought a seat for. The airline is aware of this and seems fine with the arrangement. Just nervous for last minute issues. The flight there is at night so I am hoping they will just sleep, but my worry is more like about logistics involved, going through security, still using the SNG stroller so will I have issues w/that, etc.
  2. cat mommy

    cat mommy Well-Known Member

    Pack a bunch of dollar bills, so you can easily purchase wine on the airplane. But, the problem with that is that you have nowhere to put lap baby when you have to pee. So you will also have to wear a Depends. :ibiggrin:

    But, you should be able to get a pass when you check in to allow someone to help you through security. Call ahead to confirm this.

    As for the security checkpoint, remove kids, leave car seats in place, have helpless look on your face, security officer will push the stroller through for you and hand examine it while you walk through metal detector with the kids. Insert kids back into stroller.

    You should be fine with the seating because they only have one extra O2 mask per row, and you will only have one lap child who needs an "extra" mask.
  3. emp59

    emp59 Well-Known Member

    I've flown 6 times alone with the munchkins so I am pretty much a professional :)

    Bring lots of food for them. Seriously, the plane is boring for them but food is always entertaining. It's not a good way to look at life daily, but I do whatever is necessary :)

    Stay calm and don't apologize! This was my biggest mistake the first time.

    Don't be afraid to ask TSA for assistance. 60% of them are just standing there to look like there are a lot of security and aren't really doing anything anyway.

    Ask when you check in if the flight is near capacity. If not, explain your situation and they will most likely let you carry on your other carseat so then you have no lap baby (for free!). I got this on 2 out of the 6 flights and it was awesome.

    Bring lots of baggies to keep trash and dirty diapers and spoons and...and...and...

    Don't drink! You will have to pee and its quite difficult.

    Good luck on your flight :)
  4. DATJMom

    DATJMom Well-Known Member

    Totally agree. Every time I fly, we take tons of finger foods. It really keeps them busy. I have flown with all three by myself and I just tell myself I will never see these people again. :lol:

    Security was my biggest issue. Getting all the kids shoes off and all the stuff up on the belt. Then getting the boys out of the Combi and getting it folded to go on the belt. But one of the TSA agents came right over and helped me. I did have to carry the boys though but Leah walked. Then one of the agents set up the stroller for me and got me situated.

    GL and have fun on your trip.
  5. mommylaura

    mommylaura Well-Known Member

    You are going to be fine, but be prepared to have to ask for help. I can see three main places where you are going to have trouble: going through security (this won't be quite as bad because you can hold both kiddos as you walk through), and getting on and off the plane. Getting on and off the plane is going to be hard because you will need to get someone to carry a child for you while you carry the carseat just from the entrance to the plane (you will be able to leave the SNG and other car seat at the plane entrance). See if a companion can accompany you to the gate - that will help with security at least. The SNG is awesome for travel - just make sure that your carry-on fits below the carseats and you will be handsfree! On the plane, have bottles and small snacks ready to go (if your kiddos eat snacks). I would bring just a few choice toys - your flight really isn't that long and its better to have easy access to things then have a lot of things. When you board the plane, take a few minutes to unload your seatback pocket of the magazines and pack it with everything you will need for the flight. Also, even though your flight is short, plan for the worst - delays etc. If nothing else, just keep telling yourself that you can survive anything for 2 hours :) Good luck!!
  6. chicagomama

    chicagomama Well-Known Member

    thanks for all the feedback! I have some growing anxiety but I have flown multiple times w/my elder DD and feel the twins are a good age for travel (7mo) hopefully they will just sleep!
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