No weight gain at almost 14 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by sfried93, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. sfried93

    sfried93 Well-Known Member

    Granted, i was pretty sick the wole first trimester so i lost 3 pounds (I knwo not bad at all) but I still haven't gaiend any weight yet even though I haven't been nauseous in almsot 3 weeks. perinatal wants me to gain 15 pounds by week 20 but I don't know if that will happen. I know with my son I didn't start gaining till I was 18 weeks and ended up gaining 26 pounds. Think I will be okay with twins???
  2. scorpion509

    scorpion509 Well-Known Member

    I would say it depend with weight you started at.
    I am overweighted and my OB asked me not ot gain anything until 12 weeks (I still gain 2 lb so far and 12 week I woudl be tomorrow)
    but if you are normal weight or underweight you better gain a lot. try to drink protein shake and eat icecream twice a day.
    I use the B. Luke book for nutrition she gave very good advice and menu sample.
  3. kitkat72783

    kitkat72783 Well-Known Member

    the book When expecting twin, triplets, or quads...(I forget the exact name and Dr who worte it but its the book everyone on here talks about) The Dr. says he tell patients to drink those meal shakes that old people drink like ensure a few times a day plus eat normally, 3 good size healthy meals plus two meal like snacks. Try that and of course the ice cream=)
  4. flygirlcdh

    flygirlcdh Well-Known Member

    I will be 13 weeks on Sunday and I haven't gained any weight. I actually lost a pound or two. I have on the other hand gained 4 inches on my stomach. I don't understand it. I haven't been sick feeling and try to eat healthy stuff but sneek junk food in there too. So I should be packing on the weight. I see the dr. on Monday and see what he says. If you feel like your doing good then I wouldn't worry about it that much. I don't think you will starve your babies. Good luck
  5. Sisrea

    Sisrea Well-Known Member

    it isn't anything to be worried about.. I was a almost the exact same as you.. i lost 2-3 lbs by 14 weeks.. after that... Not so much.. the weight packed on.. and quickly.. i gained 8 lbs in the 4 weeks following.. by the time i was 20 or 25 i was really close to being caught up...

    My dr didn't worry much, she said that being a twin pregnancy it was bound to come on sooner or later
  6. Neumsy

    Neumsy Well-Known Member

    Hon, I just delivered on the 23rd, and when they weighed me on Christmas Eve, I weighed less than before I got pregnant! (My girls were on 34 weeks when I had them and weighed in at 5lb 12 and 5 lb 2, so *they* were taking all the nutrition, the little tinkers!) Don't worry!
  7. 5280babies

    5280babies Well-Known Member

    For what it is worth, if we only went by the books out there we'd all be trying to gain anywhere from 50-75 lbs with twins depending on the book. I started about 15 lbs overweight, lost 12 lbs in the first trimester and caught up to my original weight by week 16. I have since gained 18 lbs. My doctor said they focus on the growth of those babies and weight gained by only eating fast food and sweets, etc. is not the way to gain - I am mentioning this in particular because I supplemented with junk a lot because I thought it would be more claories quicker. She is not concerned - she said the weight will come and it is now. I was worried like you. She did say don't go for lowfat foods. If you eat ice cream, eat the real thing, etc. She said it is the one time in our lives not too worry. She even said fast food is fine but not as a soul source - make sure to balance with healthy food. I asked her about the meal shakes too - the only thing she was definitely against was going to GNC or similar places and getting the workout high protein stuff. She said those have a lot of ingredients in them that are not designed for us to drink and include ingredients not for a baby. But drinks like Ensure were okay. Of course, never as good as eating real food. If only it were that easy, right? :) Good luck.
  8. kittymum

    kittymum Well-Known Member

    I lost weight in my first trimester due to really bad morning sickness. I have made up for it the last few weeks though and my weight is now flourishing. Try not to worry to much. I think it all evens out in the end!

  9. kdanielleflowers

    kdanielleflowers Well-Known Member

    I lost 15lbs in the first trimester and two weeks after giving birth, I'm 5lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. Just eat as much as you can and make your calories count. Take your prenatal and the babies will get what they need from you.

    Good luck!
  10. Sofiesmom

    Sofiesmom Well-Known Member

    No weight gain until 14 weeks either. Babies were growing above average and close to 8lbs a piece at 38 weeks. I gained 42lbs in total.
  11. MomofNickandSuzy

    MomofNickandSuzy Active Member

    I agree with previous posters. I lost 10 pounds....didn't start gaining weight until about 16 weeks when I started feeling better from the morning sickness.
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