Not swallowing solids anymore?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by ambernruby, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. ambernruby

    ambernruby Well-Known Member


    Just wondered if anyone had any ideas for me please? Ruby is still drinking 3 full bottles but stage 2 solids are not going down very well anymore just when i was about to up her to stage 3 aswell. The last few days she is storing the food up in her mouth then spitting it out?! She is teething but usually refuses the bottle if anything when they are troubling her, also she normally flatout refuses the spoon but she is taking it in her mouth like she wants to eat. I can get maybe half of 1 of her 3 meals a day down her and maybe some fruit toward the end of the day not alot. Still picking through fingerfoods once a day. Just not sure what i am dealing with here?
  2. ambernruby

    ambernruby Well-Known Member

    Sorry ladies just :bump:
  3. MLH

    MLH Well-Known Member

    I was thinking possibly teething or any kind of mouth infection or thrush going on? It might just be behavioral and a phase. You could try giving her more of the finger foods, maybe she just isn't liking the puree stuff now that she's had a taste for the finger foods. I know mine often refused the puree if they could have small pieces of regular foods. Maybe try cutting up so canned or steamed carrots or other veggies, sm. pieces of meat and see if she does better with wanting to eat. I hope it improves for you and that it's over quick whatever's going on.
  4. becky5

    becky5 Guest

    Has she been sick Liz? I was thinking maybe a sore throat? Also, right around that age, my kids started refusing purees. How does she do with finger foods?
  5. ambernruby

    ambernruby Well-Known Member

    Yeah she is definately teething! Today she did a little better with them though, i'm hoping it is just teething. I will precivere tommorow and see how she does and like you say maybe try some more finger foods as she does enjoy them, i just worry she is not getting as much calories from fingerfoods.

    No she hasn't Becky. I thought maybe tonsilitus or something too but when she had it before she refused her bottle as well and was mega grumpy. She does ok with her finger foods so like pp suggested i might offer more of them if we have the same problem tommorow, see how she goes. Hopefully it is just the pesky teeth that are the main cause and if she thinks she is to big for puree's that is ok too so long as she chows down on the snacks :laughing:

    Thankyou both for your suggestions allways a great help!
  6. AmberG

    AmberG Well-Known Member

    Will she get applesauce or yogurt? My DS refuses the spoon now, unless it's applesauce or yogurt. I think DD is starting to refuse the spoon, too. They do really well with finger foods. I would just go with the finger foods for now. I was worried that DS might not be getting enough with just finger foods. He's been sleeping the same at night, so I think he's doing okay. I try to give him yogurt as part of his dinner, so I know he's getting some good, healthy food in him.

    Lately my LOs are crazy about black beans, chicken, cheese, bananas, pears, pizza, and bread. I'm not sure what you've already tried.
  7. ambernruby

    ambernruby Well-Known Member

    Hey Amber, thanx for this and sorry for the delay!
    I think the issue has been resolved or rather it has switched from solids being ther problem to now refusing half of all her bottles lol
    Yes she was still eating yoghurts and pureed fruits so i was getting them in as a back up plan. On the off chance i thought i would try them on stage 3 and low and behold they woofed it down, maybe she was trying to give me a hint for some proper food!
    How many bottles are your lo's on now Amber? The girls usually take 3 7 ounce bottles but the last few days they are only drinking half of each bottle. Not sure if it is due to the lumpier foods, ready to drop to two or just there teeth giving them trouble.
  8. AmberG

    AmberG Well-Known Member

    I'm glad they are eating better. I'm not sure about the bottle thing. Mine LOs are nursing, although DS gets a 6 oz bottle before bed. They nurse 4-5 times a day and I don't know how much they get.
  9. ambernruby

    ambernruby Well-Known Member

    Thankyou, so am i :ibiggrin:
    Sorry i forget you nurse, well done you for keeping it up so long!!
    I am offering Amber a sippie in the afternoon, she really enjoys it and is now drinking more of her am and pm bottles so i think we are just about fixed - for the time being.
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