One Identical Twin Gaining LOTS of weight

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by TrishaLinn, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. TrishaLinn

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    My boys are about 20 months old. At 15 months they weren't even on the height or weight charts. Their whole life until after 15 months they stayed within just a few ounces of each other. They have grown and followed their curve, they have just been tiny from the beginning. They were totally weaned about a month ago.

    They started to eat a LOT more food at 18 months and they started to pack on the weight. But, Elliot is gaining a lot more - almost 4 pounds more than his brother! I stuck his weight and height in an online calculator and it said he is overweight. He does eat quite a bit, but no junk food at all. We eat whole foods, no sugar, no processed food, no gluten, and very minimal grains. Though he might be considered overweight, he has a very healthy diet. Has anyone else had identical twins and one of them has gained a lot more weight than the other? It seems so weird!
  2. w101ttd

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    It all depends on what kinds of food he eats, how active he is, his metabolism.

    How much grains do you offer daily? Their bodies require certain amount of carb to feel and stay full. Do you add sauces, dressings, butter, sour cream, their food? (Lot of extra cals in dressing and sauces). Do they eat lot of veggies and fruits? Do they drink juice? You can cut down his cals here and there.

    My kids eat rice, grilled BBQ meats(chic, beef, pork, deer), steamed seafood, steamed veggies and bunch of fruits daily. I don't do dipping or dressing. They don't like greasy food. They eat 5 times/days and are very active. They are always lean since they were 3 months.
  3. w101ttd

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    Personally, I wouldn't concern much. Just adjust his diet and introduce some physical activities and go from there. Before 2 yrs old, you don't have to worry he's overweight. And some kids just hit growth spourts, then stop for months. So he might go through it now.

    And if his height and weight are at the same percentages, then it's OK. Gl!
  4. Rollergiraffe

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    Would you be worried if he was a single kid vs. being a twin? I get hung up in that all the time! I wouldn't worry about the overweight designation much though as he might just be packing on the lbs before he shoots up a couple of inches, and the ratio will even out. The most important thing is that he has healthy food going into him and he's getting a reasonable amount of exercise.

    Mine go through alternating phases of growth spurts.. one is hungry for weeks and eats everything in sight, gains a few lbs and shoots past his brother. Then the next month the other one does. I do have one who is just always going to be slightly larger though, and one who is a little leaner. It's just the way they developed despite being identical.
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