One of my twinkies was on Desperate Housewives tonight

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by teamturner, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. teamturner

    teamturner Well-Known Member

    Hey, so one of my girls played Lynette's baby daughter on Desperate Housewives tonight. The episode was on CIO, which is totally hilarious because it's very relevant to our lives right now!!!!
  2. mommaoffour_ohmy

    mommaoffour_ohmy Well-Known Member

  3. akameme

    akameme Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    she is adorable! Congrats!
  4. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    So cool!!!
  5. lianyla

    lianyla Well-Known Member

    Totally awesome! How did that all come about?
  6. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Wow! That is so cool!
  7. mommylaura

    mommylaura Well-Known Member

    Oh wow - I haven't watched it yet but have it tivo'd! I'll be looking for your LO!!!
  8. Moodyzblu

    Moodyzblu Well-Known Member

    Very cool !
  9. christinam

    christinam Well-Known Member

    She's so cute!!!! I am actually watching the episode right now since I missed it last night. I'm so much like Lynette. Not with the twins since they're still so little but with the others. I never had a problems with CIO and it works wonder for us. I love the part when Susan asked if there is something they should do about the crying and Lynette says yes and turns off the monitor.
  10. MichelleL

    MichelleL Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, that's so cool!! :clapping:

    Was it the scene where Lynette took the baby from Susan and walked her upstairs to put her in the crib, or the one where Susan went in 'to get a lemon' and the baby was in the PNP in the living room? Or...both?
  11. moski

    moski Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    So cool!!
  12. lizzbeech

    lizzbeech Guest

    That is SO awesome!!!!! Congrats!!!!! She's adorable!!!

    how did you get her on the show? how facinating!!! :D
  13. KStorey

    KStorey Well-Known Member

    LOL Your babies life is FAR more exciting than mine :laughing: That's so cool. No doubt it will turn up on New Zealand TV sometime next year SIGH
  14. Tamaralynn

    Tamaralynn Well-Known Member

    I missed it last night! Now I am going to have to download it so I can see her
  15. kumphort

    kumphort Well-Known Member

    She was so cute, I hope that they didnt need her to actually cry

    Did u get the meet the ladies of Wysteria Lane? Will she be appearing on any future episodes?
  16. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Very neat!
  17. MLH

    MLH Well-Known Member

    How cool! She's adorable. And I think we could all relate last night (whether is was with Lynette or Susan).
  18. teamturner

    teamturner Well-Known Member

    Hi there! It was the PNP scene, where Teri Hatcher holds her around the corner, down the hall, and then sets her in the PNP. They actually used four babies to play the one baby in that episode, two of whom are our close friends in our multiples club!! We were just filling in for our friends who usually play that character (they are triplets), but they were sick. So I'm not sure we'll be needed again. But it was very fun and we did get to meet the two actresses in that scene.
  19. cat mommy

    cat mommy Well-Known Member

    that is so cool!
  20. june07girl

    june07girl Well-Known Member

    That is very cool! I just watched the episode last night on my PVR. :)
  21. Juj

    Juj Well-Known Member

    Way cool!

    Same here!
  22. kumphort

    kumphort Well-Known Member

    Are the triplets identical, or similar looking?
  23. teamturner

    teamturner Well-Known Member

    No, the triplets, who are boys, are very different looking!!
  24. sheras2

    sheras2 Well-Known Member

    Very cool! I keep joking with my husband that I'm going to get our boys an agent, but l may actually do it. I think it would be fun.
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