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    Hi ladies! I have some questions about this BC. I have had it for like 8-9 months. So far, I am happy with it; no cramp, light P, no pregancy, worry free. But not sure why, my blood pressure has been skyrocketing. My normal BP was 110/70. It kept raising up. And today it's 140/100. And finally I had to accept to take med. my instinct tells me it's the Paragard.

    I am a half marathoner. I have a green healthy diet with ton of water. I even lost over 40 lbs. my BP was so low even when i was 40 lbs heavier. despite all these facts, my BP keeps jumping up up. I'm freaked out. I am 80% certain that's paragard. I am considering of removing it. But honestly, it has made my life so much easier and happier.

    Have you experienced high BP with paragard? I really wish it's not it.

    Thank you so much!!
  2. miss_bossy18

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    Paraguard is the copper IUD? I personally haven't had any BP issues since having mine placed. Did you mention your concern to your doc? What did they say?
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    Your blood pressure can go up with hormonal birth control, but does the Paraguard have hormones?
  4. w101ttd

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    Yes, it's is copper, and hormone free. I was shocked with the numbers and totally forgot about the BC. My first reaction was "your machine broke." lol. Then i rechecked 3xs with my machine and pharmacy's machine after that, still the same. Later on, after I looked at this yr all previous numbers and the day I got IUD inserted, I came to my theory. I was on nuvarings last yr, and my BP was low actually. I remember my BP was low on the day I got IUD inserted. Then a month later I came back for an ultrasound, my BP raised up. It was not bad. And I didn't give much thought. However, it slowly slowly goes up. And now..!!??

    Anyway, I will be on BP med and monitor it for a month. If it doesn't go down, I definitely will talk to my doctor. Thank you so much ladies!

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