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  1. Tarin

    Tarin Well-Known Member

    Is pediasure ok to give twice a day? The boys are on a milk protest right now but really enjoy pediasure... any problems with giving to them? They are under weight so we they are allowed to have it..
  2. vharrison1969

    vharrison1969 Well-Known Member

    I found this on their website:

    What is the recommended amount of PediaSure drinks to use in a day? Is there a limit on how many can be used in a day?

    In general, there is not a limit on the amount of PediaSure drinks that a child can safely consume. For an individual child, the amount of PediaSure drinks that is needed — or is acceptable — on a daily basis should be discussed with the child's health care professional. If the child is eating foods and drinking other beverages, it is especially important to determine how much PediaSure would be appropriate in the context of the overall diet.

    It sounds like it's okay, but I would call the ped and ask what they think. :)
  3. Tarin

    Tarin Well-Known Member

  4. cheriek

    cheriek Well-Known Member

    we have 2 cans atm and if they dont eat anything i might up it to 3 cans-that stuff is $$$ :headbang:
  5. nateandbrig

    nateandbrig Well-Known Member

    We've done a can or two a day when mine are really not eating well but our biggest problem is constipation :headbang: So I have to limit it for those reasons. I would also talk to the ped. Our ped told us to use it because mine are under weight.
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