Playing in the crib

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by rayceryin12, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. rayceryin12

    rayceryin12 Well-Known Member

    Once of our boys (Ryin) has started playing in his crib when we put him down for bed - keep going up and telling him no, or leave him be until he falls asleep? He's 9 months old.

  2. efaith

    efaith Well-Known Member

    I vote leave him be until he falls asleep!
  3. miss_bossy18

    miss_bossy18 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Agreed. If he's playing happily let him be. He'll fall asleep when he's ready. :good:
  4. rrodman

    rrodman Well-Known Member

    Leave him alone. At this age, going up repeatedly is just going to make it worse and longer.
  5. rayceryin12

    rayceryin12 Well-Known Member

    He fell asleep sitting up holding on to the crib! LOL
  6. efaith

    efaith Well-Known Member

    that's so funny! I hope you got a photo!!!
  7. rayceryin12

    rayceryin12 Well-Known Member

    Of course! :)
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