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    Hello! One of my best friends is pg with her first after TTC and going through IF for 5 years!! :woo: :clapping: Anyway, I am very excited about it and I am trying to put together a really nice gift of my favorite baby and mommy things. One of my favorite items has been my super comfy nursing cami. Even though I'm no longer nursing I still sleep in it! My friend is a size 42 DD normally when not BF'ing, so I have been searching online and have found this. So can anyone tell me if you are a larger chested woman, is a nursing cami still comfortable? Do you have a recommendation of where she can find maternity and nursing clothing? I know she is having some trouble finding bras. Also, if you have any favorite comfy clothing recommendations for plus size moms please share. I was thinking of getting her the nursing cami and pants, like a pajama set. TIA for any info!
  2. Danibell

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    Something like that is probably very comfy, but she'll still need a nursing bra too is my guess. I was about a DDD when pregnant with Sean, and it just wasn't comfy nursing without a good nursing bra.

    Motherhood Maternity is where I got my maternity and nursing clothes from. I had one in the mall about an hour away.

    Nursing bra This was my fav nursing bra, I bought at least 6 over the course of having all my kids! ;) It's very supportive and kinda helps hold the girls up while nursing :)
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  3. becasquared

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    I was able to get some nursing bras in 40I from and I know they had larger cup sizes, in fact, I buy bras from there often because they just have a great selection of bras.
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    I range anywhere from a 34F - 36H while nursing & I've had the best luck with bras at specialty lingerie stores (ie NOT La Senza or Victoria's Secret). There's a little store near my house here called Knickers & Lace that does bra fittings & has superbly trained staff. I go in & let them know I need to be fitted, they give me a once over & bring me bras in my size. It's kind of magical. That being said, the bras are pricey. Anywhere between $100 - $200 each. For me, the price is worth it though to avoid mastitis from a poorly fitting bra (happened with the girls).

    I also picked up a couple of these this time around, which I love because you get a nursing bra that fits you well & then turn it into a nursing tank! Voila. :good:
  5. slugrad1998

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    I am a 44 H and the site where you found the cami is actually a great site for larger nursing bras. The lady who owns the boutique also does virtual bra fittings where you send her your measurements and she recommends bras that would be good for you. As for nursing clothing, I have not found much for my size, so my advice to her is dress in layers. I always wear a tank top or cami under my shirt so that my belly is covered when I nurse. Motherhood maternity does have comfy pj's and sleep bras, which are a must in my opinion for the large chested mama.
  6. Amycplus

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    I am normally a 32F and now a 34K (!) and bought the top you are looking at when I started nursing and was only an H. I wouldn't recommend it. It is really too tight and uncomfortable and I sadly don't wear it. Even if I could bear to wear it when I'm not nursung, I find the band that helps hold everything up just cuts into me when I am doing a feed. I have a great nursing cami that is loose but still supportive enough from motherhood maternity that I use from the evening feed to the first morning nap (when I try to get in a shower :)) so would echo that recommendation. I also think the thing miss bossy recommended looks pretty cool. Good luck!
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