Portrait picture ideas for B/G set

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by maybell, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. maybell

    maybell Well-Known Member

    I need to figure out another outfit for my soon to be 2 year old boy/girl twins to wear when we go get portraits taken in a week or so... I think that the tulle tutu is such a cute idea for a girl, with no top on? or with a top? if you have any pictures you can share that would be appreciated.

    and then for my boy... what to do?

    these can be pictures that are not taken together, as I will have another set of clothes for pictures to be taken together that match.

    thanks for any advice! I cannot believe they will be two years old in 10 days!
  2. littletwinstars

    littletwinstars Well-Known Member

    I would recommend wearing a leotard underneath the tutu. As for your son, does he have any interests in sports? If so, you can have him wear basketball type jersey shorts and hold a basketball or if your family has a favorite sports team...wear that and then the corresponding sports ball (i.e. baseball, football, etc.). If he's not into sports, how about super heroes or a cowboy? HTH!

    ** I found a great website for inexpensive, fairly well made, very cute tutus. PM me if you'd like the name of it. I just ordered 2 for our DD and a dozen for their female guests at their birthday party. This website also has small selection for boys. We ordered super hero type capes for the male guests. We received the order and am very pleased with their products.
  3. maybell

    maybell Well-Known Member

    thanks, I just pm'd you for that website! I'm always in search of good ideas! you can post here too if you like, not sure if anyone else is interested.

    as for my son... we're not really into sports or teams - though that's a great idea... I'll have to ponder that one a bit more! I like the ideas for that.

    your party sounds fun!
  4. cricket1

    cricket1 Well-Known Member

    Our neighbor is a fireman and had given the boys fireman t shirts (that were way too big but really cute-and they adore him) so we had their pictures taken w/those and their firetrucks We were able to get some really cut play pictures. One of my boys has a stuffed dog that he has carried around forever. We took that with us once, the photographer had some huge dogs, we had pics with him among them, one where he was trying to pick up his and the leg (which was about the size of him) of the big dog. So, I guess, at this point is there anything that is important to him or he uses/plays with daily that you want to "remember" as being a part of his life at this stage?

    We're also done Dinos, there was a great one with ours with an old fashion car that the photographer had, but works on that "boy" level, we also have some great action pictures of them playing catch w/foot ball outside.

    I have also seen a series of pictures by a photographer that took pictures of her son starting as an infant but you could do it now, in he DH dress shirt and tie or hat but every year she takes pictures in these same clothes to show the progression of his becoming "just like Daddy" I love the idea, I just forget about it--and not that organized. I believe she did the same with her daughter too.
  5. ssb2e

    ssb2e Well-Known Member

    I had a tutu made for my DD's 1 year picture. It was super cute!! I had her wear a onesie underneath it. It just had a big flower on it with all of the colors in the tutu. I don't have any ideas for boy pics though. I had a change of outfit for her, but he just wore one outfit. I wasn't creative enough.
  6. Fran27

    Fran27 Well-Known Member

    Onesie under the tutu sounds good!

    For their last pictures we just did a nice dress for her and he had a polo and shorts.
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