positive Fetal Fibronectin at 26 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by donnakay, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. donnakay

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    Hi there, I'm new to this board and wanted to see if I could find anyone who has been in a similar situation as mine. I have been in the hospital for just over a week now - I was admitted last Wed. for a short cervix (1.5cm) but they decided to keep me after they received the results of the FFN test, which was positive. Has anyone else had a positive result on this test that early in their pregnancy? If so, when did you actually go into labor? I understand that a negative result is a good indicator of NOT going into labor within the next 2 weeks and, since mine was positive, they could not rule that out. Therefore, they're keeping me for the remainder of my pregnancy. I know every situation is different and the test result doesn't mean we necessary will go into labor in the next week or so, I guess I'm just trying to find some moral support out there from someone who has been there. Thanks for listening!
  2. becky5

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    I had a few negatives, but never a positive. It sounds like they explained the results of the test to you well. Are you having contractions? I know it's no fun being in the hospital, but I'm sure it gives you a little peace of mind knowing that you are being monitored so closely. :hug:
  3. ssb2e

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    I had a negative fFN at 25 weeks and then a positive between 26-27. Also was on bedrest due to short cervix (mine was about .7 at that point!). They let me stay on bedrest at home but I had to have two dr visits per week and strict bedrest. They went ahead and gave me the steroid shots after the positive fFN. I ended up carrying the babies until 31w6d and NEVER went into labor. They had to deliver me for preeclampsia.

    My Dr told me that the positive meant that there was a only like a 10% chance that I would go into labor in the next two weeks.

    Good luck! Hope you're also able to hang in there for a while.
  4. summerfun

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    Hi there and welcome to Twinstuff. :welcome: I'm sorry you are on hospital bedrest, but I'm glad they are keeping a close eye on you. I can help you with the fFN test, I never had one.
  5. rmcobb12

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    Around 30 weeks I went in for a normal doctors visit. They hooked me up to monitor heart rates and they informed me that I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes. I didnt feel a thing and was pretty shocked to hear this. They then checked me and found that I was 2 cm dilated and 80%. Next thing I knew I was being admitted to the hospital. I forget the names of the meds they gave me to stop the contractions. The first thing they gave me didn't work so they tried something stronger. I still felt no contractions but they were clearly showing up. They then did a fFN test and it was positive. The next step was steroid shots to help their lungs in case I did deliver soon. The second set of meds they gave me finally started working but they kept me overnight just to be sure. I was told that I was to be on bed rest for the next 3 days and then to come back for a check up. Over the next several weeks I continued to go to the doctor 2x a week and each time I was slightly more dilated. At one point I went home 5cm dilated and 90%. Long story short, I went into labor almost 7 weeks later. It was actually the day before we had scheduled to induce me. My boys were 9 minutes apart and it was such an easy delivery!! So I guess the fFN isn't always right. :) Good Luck with everything!
  6. Kyrstyn

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    Welcome to TS and Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!! I had a positive fFN test at 24 weeks, and did not deliver until 28 weeks. I was struggling with PTL and funneling as well, so I was also on hospital bedrest. I am so glad to hear that you got the steroid shots and they are keeping a close eye on you! Good Luck!!
  7. HRE

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    I just wanted to say welcome and congratulations! Sounds like they are doing everything possible to help you, and others have told you some good stories about incorrect fFNs...so hang in there! :hug:
  8. mamamolly

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    The thing to keep in mind is that the tests are MUCH more accurate with negative results than with positive results. A negative FFN means that there's over a 90% chance that you won't go into full labor in the next two weeks. Whereas, a positive FFN means that there's a 25% chance that you will go into labor in the next two weeks. So, there's still a 75% chance that you WON'T. I know this must be a very scary time for you. Just remind yourself that the odds are still in your favor. Good luck
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