Potty Training and daycare

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    Just after the boys turned 3 I decided to go the cold turkey route for potty training. I told them that once their diapers were gone Mommy wasn't buying anymore. So we are now into month 2 of it. William, the one who refused to have anything to do with potty training is now what I would say completely trained, day and night, EXCEPT when he goes to daycare. I need some suggestions on daycare and potty training. I am getting frustrated with it. The week he was home during Christmas, the boys were home 5 days straight, he had no accidents. When the went back to daycare, William has had non stop accidents while at daycare. I don't know if he is just too busy to ask to go, or if the staff is to busy to watch for his signs. Nathaniel, I have come to the conclusion, is just lazy. He honestly doesn't care. He sometimes asks to go, but it's usually me taking him every 1.5 hrs when he is home. Daycare for him is a complete disaster and he ends up in a diaper. So suggestion ladies? Something that I could suggest to daycare maybe to make this easier for everyone?
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    if u send them to actually preschool, than the teachers do take them to bathroom more often. But at daycare, they only do like 5 times (7:30, 9, 11, 2:30,4:3 for example). I ask my kids if they want to go to bathroom every 30-45 mins, even though they don't always go. Plus at school , they love playing and talking to friends. So they might not be willing to go....

    I think you might want to ask their teachers what time they go to bathroom or change diapers. And you work with the kids at home with that schedule. Teachers don't pay attention at any kid until they ask or cause problem lol. They have so many things to do and many kids tot take care of. They won't treat any kids special. We have the same problem here as well. Gl!
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    Just wanted to update. The daycare has hidden their diapers that they use at naps and we have had 3 days of NO accidents! I told them today that William doesnt need a diaper/pull up on for nap as at home he naps and does his nights in underwear.
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