Potty training: No.2

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  1. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    Hi ladies! Hope everything is going well for you all...I need some great advices from you ladies :)

    My kids have been trained and off diapers in the days. My daughter independently goes to bathroom all by herself (both no 1 & 2). She even wipes herself off after no1. Im not comfortable to let her wipe her bottom after No 2 yet. I still let them wear diapers at night. However, she refuses to pee in her diapers and wakes up and goes to bathroom. I am so proud of her for that.

    My son does go to bathroom for no 1. Sometimes, I have to remind him to go. But he doesnt have accidents. But for no 2, he never wants to do it in the toilet. When he has the need, he just freezes up and pushes, even stops breathing, just pushes!!! This is his habit since very little. I have tried everything, but he still doesnt do it in toilet. And he doesnt do no 2 the same time everyday. So putting him on toilet for no 2 doesnt work. I dont know what to do. I just ran out of solution for this. Please help!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!
  2. Fran27

    Fran27 Well-Known Member

    No real advice here sorry... We potty trained our kids later but we had issues with DS and no 2 as well, the only thing that worked is going to a counselor for a couple sessions! He could be constipated a little bit though, if it's hard, I'd give him some miralax and see if it helps.
  3. weegus

    weegus Well-Known Member

    My single son does something similar. He goes to the toilet independently for No. 1 but when it is time for No. 2, he jumps up and down and whines a bit. If I ask "do you have to go poop?" he says no. So I take him by the hand to the toilet and force him to sit down. Sometimes, I even have to put my leg over his lap to make sure he doesn't get away. I tell him that it is time to go poop and it's OK to let it go in the potty. I rub his back. He will whine for a bit until he finally gives in and pushes it out. We do a game where he says what his poop looks like after it is in the toilet, so when he is done he is excited to see it (he has pooped a snake, hot dog, elephant, shark, and a butterfly just to name a few). Of course I praise him and give him a treat, but I am definitely wondering when he will go on his own. But for now, I know the signs and just sit with him for No.2.

    Have you tried running him on the potty when he freezes up and starts to push? Has he EVER pooped in the toilet?
  4. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    My son (youngest) was poop trained before he was potty trained. That was such a joy! He potty trained late though, just couldn't 'feel' the potty. What I would do was put the poop in the potty and then wave to it as it flushed down and explain that poop goes in the potty and that he wouldn't fall in. Just a thought.. good luck. I would stop doing the diaper for your daughter at night if she has been successful for awhile. :)
  5. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    One of my boys does not like pooping in the potty even now. I am not sure what about it bugs him, but it just had to happen on his own terms. Even now he'll poop in his night time pullup if he gets the chance just so he doesn't have to use the potty. It took a lot of explaining and really good rewards to get him more into the habit of using the potty. Our next step is taking away night time pullups, and then I am anticipating a lot of holding it!
  6. mama_dragon

    mama_dragon Well-Known Member

    For the one of mine who had poop issues I let it go. He is extremely strong willed and potty training should not be a power struggle. I would watch him for signs (playing by himself, not wanting to be bothered) and put him in a pull up. He pooped in the pull up. I would tell him you poop in the potty or ask me for a pull up each time those are your choices. Eventually he started asking for a pull up. Which was a big step. It told me he did recognize the signs that he needed to poop. I thought he would never poop in the potty. I started asking each time do you want a pull up or do you want to try on the potty. Then one day without a word he went poop on the potty and that was that.

    You might also consider constipation. Even a kid who poops every day can be constipated. Even a little constipation can be a big deal when trying to potty train. One of mine takes a small dose of miralax daily (the one that had no issues pooping on the potty oddly enough). Just something to watch for and maybe up the water and fruits/veggies. He may also be holding it because he doesn't want to go on the potty so he is may make himself constipated.
  7. slugrad1998

    slugrad1998 Well-Known Member

    I was not able to get either of mine to poop in the potty without miralax. My daughter was afraid it would hurt so she would hold and my son didn't have the patience to sit and wait for it. Making their stools nice and soft meant that she couldn't hold and he didn't have to wait. After a few weeks of pooping regularly during the day, he stopped going in his pull up. I put potty chairs in their room with the moist wipes so that at night after they go to bed they feel like they can get up and go. Since I did that, my daughter has been dry 24-7 and I transitioned her into underwear even at night. My son still pees at night (I have a feeling he will for a while) but he always goes on the potty when he is awake and he never poops in his pullup.
  8. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I agree with Jackie. The first time my son pooped in his little potty, my daughter freaked out (mind you, she had pooped in the potty prior to this) and he was very alarmed because she was so dramatic about the whole thing. And he wanted no parts of that. One of the things we did to encourage poop on the potty was taking dried prunes and mixing them with grape jelly and put it in his PB&J sandwiches. I also gave him a bit of pears and blueberries to encourage it along. I made it a point to show him that it is normal for poop to go in the potty by flushing his poops and once he started going on the potty again, he got Matchbox cars as a reward and he never looked back.
    I also agree that I would stop the diaper at night if your daughter has been dry at night for a while. Good luck!
  9. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    Yes, he does poo in toilet, if I take him in right away when he starts pushing. But most of the time, he is very sneaky about this. He hides and does it. Then his sis comes tell me..
  10. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    Thank you ladies! I will focus on constipation issue. I'm really stressed out because of this. Next month (4/1), they will start at the new preschool. The school does requires them to be 100% PT. I'm afraid he will be kicked out :(
  11. mama_dragon

    mama_dragon Well-Known Member

    Honestly. With my one who had poop issues. He refused to go at school for a very long time. He would wait until he got home (and ask for a pull up or once he was going on the potty he would go on the potty). To this day he very rarely goes poop at school.

    And even though it is required to be 100% potty trained not even K kids go to school without an extra set of clothes for accidents.
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