Potty training regression

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by Gigantor, Jan 4, 2013.

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    I am so frustrated and really don't know what to do. My boys were ready to be potty trained around their 3rd birthday. They both did very well, one of them woke up with a dry diaper consistently and I took the diaper away. I guess it was a bit too early, as he started to have accidents in the morning. Alright, no biggie, I gave him the diaper at night.
    I noticed in the past week, he wakes up with a dry diaper, however stays in bed and waits until he goes. When his diaper is full, he comes out and says: yuck then rips his diaper off. We had a talk about this every single day, but it hasn't changed.
    It's not even what bothers me.
    In the past 3 days, he is even too lazy to leave the games/toys for a bathroom break, so he just pees in his pants and says nothing about it. I scolded him and he cried and we had a talk and he understood, but then again it happened yesterday too and twice today.
    I am thinking about putting him on the potty every hour - whether he needs to go or not - although up until 3 days ago he could hold it for a long, long time. He is not sick and really nothing has happened that emotionally could have caused the regression.
    I would welcome and appreciate any idea how to get back on track with him.
  2. miss_bossy18

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    My girls still go through phases like that 1.5 years after potty training. :pardon: When it starts up, we chat a lot about how they can go potty & then come back & finish playing with their toys. They're also responsible for putting any dirty clothes in the laundry & getting their clean clothes on. And I just check in with them a lot during the day ("You're doing a potty dance. Is your body telling you you need to go to the bathroom?"). It usually only lasts a few days & then they're back to taking the initiative. I try not to get overly worked up about it & just roll with the punches.
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  3. eagleswings216

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    Yep, this is us, too. My boys have basically been trained for around 6 months. They will go a week or more without an accident, and then all the sudden, have several in a day. Today, for example, one of them had 3 accidents. Frustrating, but we talk about it, and it usually corrects itself within a day or two. They definitely have more accidents when we have a very busy day or are doing something they really like, so I try and make sure to take them to the potty every hour or so on those kinds of days.
  4. mommylaura

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    So normal. Potty training is a two steps forward one step back process. My twins have been potty trained for about 9 months, and during that time my daughter has had ZERO accidents. Until last week - she has had two in the last week. Both at times where she was having fun and didn't want to stop playing I think. Three year olds have occasional accidents - it's totally normal. Heck, even my six year old still goes RUNNING for the toilet from time to time. Even though he doesn't actually have an accident, it is so frustrating to see him not listening to his body when he is having fun.

    I should add one other thing - if your trained child starts having pee accidents, you might want to consider whether they might be constipated or witholding stool. If the bowel is full of poo, then it impinges on the bladder and can cause pee accidents.
  5. kingeomer

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    We went through this with my DD, in her case, she did not want to stop what she was doing to pee. Both DH and I had to remind her and talk her about she will not miss anything if she stops and goes pee. She can continue playing, watching her show...etc.
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