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Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by Safari, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Safari

    Safari Well-Known Member

    do you use them? what do you use (sticker, charts, paper, etc)? WHERE do you place them (within kids reach or not)?

    I've been trying to use stickers as rewards. They love them.

    BUT, if they put them on their clothes - they rip and/or loose stickiness.

    If I put them on a piece of paper on the wall - they like to peel them back off and - they rip and/or lose stickiness.

    Suggestions? Ideas?
  2. Stellaluna

    Stellaluna Well-Known Member

    I used stickers in the beginning of potty training........I went to
    a local paper/card store and found these small books that
    had that shiny type of paper for its blank pages; the stickers
    could be stuck on the pages and peeled off if they wanted
    to place it on a different page.....the book was made just
    for that purpose.....hope that helps!
  3. SweetpeaG

    SweetpeaG Well-Known Member

    We have this one. We have the M&D My Calendar too, which is also magnetic and I've been very happy with them and can see them serving their purpose until about age 7-8. These are both sold in-store at Target. I use the chart for positive reinforcement only, so the items we're working on right now are:
    *Clothes in the laundry basket
    *Get dressed
    *Good table manners (sitting down, asking to be excused, and clearing their place)
    *Pick up toys
    *Brush teeth
    *Get in bed

    They have several chances throughout the day to earn a happy face for being responsible. I have it hanging prominently in their room, well within view, not reach. We get it down when they earn a happy face throughout the day, and then it's part of our pre-nap, pre-bed routine where they often earn several (table manners, toys, bed, etc.) I received two as gifts, but we just use one for now. They love to reset all the happy faces in the morning and talk about what each one means (a great reinforcement chat to start each day). I find there are moments around every corner to incorporate references back to the chart and they have responded very well to it. I just love overhearing them give reminders to one another.
  4. Minette

    Minette Well-Known Member

    We don't use them and I hadn't really thought about this, but now that you mention it, I would have to keep it out of their reach. Despite being fairly savvy about many things, they seem unable to comprehend that stickers, if repeatedly stuck/unstuck (especially to skin & clothing) will stop being sticky. :rolleyes:

    ETA: Alternatively, you could just treat them as disposable rewards (the way we used M&Ms for potty training), and not expect them to be cumulative. That's basically what we do at the doctor's. They get a sticker every time and it's usually lost (or at least hopelessly unsticky) by the time we get home, but as long as I don't make a big deal of it, it doesn't seem to bother them.
  5. dfaut

    dfaut 30,000-Post Club

    I think it's more about the "awarding" of the sticker. If they choose to dismantle their sticker chart then, that's their business IMO!!

    I took wrapping paper w/cars and princesses on it and then put a smaller piece of construction paper inside. Then I made a grid and awarded them 1 for tinkle and 2 for poo poo or something. I can't remember!

    For behavior, I would have a 4 max for the day or something. Then at the end of the day they can put them all on. I found that my lines were just not necessary (the grid) and they just put them anywhere!! :laughing:
  6. Safari

    Safari Well-Known Member

    The reason I asked..... They do get mad when the stickers don't stick anymore. or rip. Plus they'll rip each others - which results in fighting and/or crying.

    I'm trying to find more ways to do positive discipline as many of the things we were doing (like 1,2,3 aren't working so well anymore).

    I ordered some books from library..... just trying to adjust to this new phase in the 3's where there's more battles, whining, crying, etc, etc.

    plus, i'm not personally doing very well physically or emotionally and my temper is short. i'm trying to figure out ways to be calmer and not lose my cool w/ them.
  7. rissakaye

    rissakaye Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    We have the one shown in the link above. It's been good. I also like that we're not buying piles of stickers. They just get to pick what color smiley face to put up. You can also write your own things on there for the kids to work on. At first, we would also put up the magnets beforehand, and then, for example, if they didn't stop whining when they were asked to, we would have to take down the smiley face. Also we had a spot for at the end of the day, they had to tell me one really good thing that they did that day and pick a smiley for that. It just ended the day nicely. Now we use it to keep track of chores.

  8. li li

    li li Well-Known Member

    The one pp's mentioned looks great. It's not available here, so I made ours. I just ask them to pick a picture they like (usually from sandra boynton's books) or choose something simple (a cat, incy wincy spider). I copy/draw it large with a sharpie on some construction paper (talent seems unnecessary to them as yet) and then draw minature little 'drawings' below. These would be for the target behaviour. eg I drew one mini syringe for each dose when Maia was taking antibiotics; or mini potties while they were potty training; or right now they have little spiders for when they stay all night in their own bed. I put the finished sheet in one of those clear plastic document wallets (the ones with 3 sealed sides, and holes down one side) and stuck it up within reach. The plastic of the wallet means the stickers can be moved around (or easily removed to start again with the same chart).
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