screaming in the car

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  1. 1stbabies

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    My evening drive home with the girls usually got into bad traffic, but it is only 20-30 min drive depends on the traffic on average. So I try to avoid having to pull over to control the screaming in the car situation yet.  They normally get 2 crackers and may be some fruits if i have them , when we leave the daycare ; so they are not really hungry as they normally don't eat much when we got home. I have Pandora Toddler music station on too ...
    My guess is that their screaming for things at me is just a control issue (The teachers always said they behave very well at school).  So far I have to threaten them with withdrawal TV priv. or they will go into timeout when we get home. That stopped the screaming  - but I don't like to do that much ... I read that there is role play method.  Before I try that, I wonder if you have seen any good DVD about sitting in the car behaviour etc...  ? They love TV and take after TV lots... They really listen to buckling the seat belt from the sesame safety DVD ...
    Thanks much for the feedbacks always!
  2. Meximeli

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    How old are they?
    I used to have horrible drives home from daycare pick up when my twins were little--once they were big enough to see out the car windows--it all stopped. Can they see out yet? 
  3. mama_dragon

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    How old are they?  Do you keep items in the car so they have something to do?  I've kept books in the car forever.  Used books.  You can usually buy used books from the library for super cheap.  I have a huge box of them at home and I swap out books each week so they do not get bored.  I have a plastic box that stays between the carseats.  I've had it there since they first got out of infant seats. 
    If they like certain TV shows you might see if you can find the soundtrack or CD.  Mine don't watch TV so no real clue if that will help.  You can also try short books on tape.  Typically you can find them in the kids section at the library for picture books. 
    I also keep a few toys in the car.  One stuffed animal each and some small items.  Mine like the doodle pad.  I have two small ones. 
    Keep in mind that they may have behaved very well all day at daycare but they also held in a lot of emotion and kept it together all day.  Thats a lot for a small chlid.  And then to have to sit in the car for a longish drive home is a lot.  They may just need to blow off steam. 
  4. 1stbabies

    1stbabies Well-Known Member

    They are 3.5 . Yes, they can see out side of the car now.
    Oh yes, we have a small box for toys and stuff in the car, and I havenot rotated them the last few weeks! Will do that again!
    Thanks for reminding !
  5. ECUBitzy

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    I keep a running dialogue of things we pass to occupy my girls' on our 25 minute drive home.
    "Did you play outside today? Who did you play with?"
    "What color is that truck?"
    "Do you see the store we're passing? What store is that? What do we buy there?"
    "Any guesses what we're doing for dinner?"
    "Who's going to hug daddy when we get home?"
    "Should we call grandma tonight? What will we tell her about our day?"
    And on. And on. And on. ;)
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