Setting boundaries for standing and doing extra hours at work.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by OahuLove2, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. OahuLove2

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    Hi everyone,
    I am 22 weeks with mono-di girls. My job is normally a desk job, 40 hours per week, and that's been okay so far. I have a blanket and pillow at work and take rests during lunch.

    However we're about to enter a period where I have lots of additional evening/weekend obligations in addition to my 40 hour per week desk duties. During the evening work, it is all on my feet including walking and standing. A sample day would be working from 9:30 to 6 at my desk, then a 45 minute break, then working until 11pm or so, with most of that being standing and talking to people as well as walking up and down stairs. So far I've been feeling really great in this pregnancy but I am pretty low energy. Even standing in a store for 20 minutes really takes it's toll and I get short of breath and sore.

    I want to set some reasonable guidelines with my boss about the evening and weekend work. I'd love it if my doctor would take me out of the evening stuff entirely and give me a note that says I can only do the desk work, but I'm not sure she will. In case she won't, what kind of guidelines would you request from your work for the evening and weekend obligations?
  2. Utopia122

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    I honestly think you might be surprised at how much your OBGYN will do for you. Mine wanted me to stop working at 27 weeks even though I had had a relatively easy pregnancy up to that point. She wanted no extra strain, walking, lifting, etc. I begged to continue teaching, and she let me, but gave me big time restrictions. Even though you may be having a easy still have two babies in your belly. That in itself puts a huge strain on the body, then you add 40+ hours of working, walking, etc, to the mix and you have a tough pregnancy. My personal opinion is see your OBGYN and get some restrictions in place and on paper that you can take to your boss. Maybe your boss is easy to work with and great, but if not, having those restrictions on paper gives you bargaining power to do what is best for you and your babies. I thought life was great until I hit around 27 weeks, and it all changed. I was exhausted, could barely sit, stand, or walk, and teaching was a nightmare. I wasn't all that big either. Give yourself about 4 more weeks and you'll be amazed at how much more tired you are even if all you do is sit...not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but its the truth. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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  3. summerfun

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    I agree with Rachel, in that you might be surprised at how much your OBGYN might be willing to do for you. :good: Their job is to look out for the best interest of you and your babies. I would definitely discuss your feelings with him/her. :good: You will want to take it easy in the coming weeks.
  4. Krystine

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    Absolutely ask your OB. It shouldn't be a problem. I told my boss other people could do my job but I was the only one who could be my twins' mommy and keep them inside as long as I could. I was put on bed rest before 30 weeks and it wasn't fun but it was necessary and got us another 5.5 weeks of them growing in utero and less NICU time. Babies have to come first and I'm betting your OB will write you whatever note would be helpful to make sure you stay off your feet and get the rest you and your little ones need.
  5. sulik110202

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    I agree with what others have said.  Talk to your doctor.  My doctor would have given me a note for restrictions at work as early as 24 weeks and I had a pretty easy pregnancy.  It is draining on your body and you know what you can handle the best. 
  6. OahuLove2

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    Thanks everyone! At yesterday's doctor appointment, she gave me a note that keeps me on an 8-hour day, desk job only. No evening hours and standing. It was great advice to talk to her about it.
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