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  1. abw0827

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    Our girls are 25 months old and have had separate rooms since they were probably 10-12 months old because one was having a hard time sleeping through the night while the other was easily sleeping all night. Now, we are considering putting them back together because they are always asking where the other is. We also think one may be getting scared of the dark and thought being with her sister might help. However, the one not scared of the dark is a light sleeper and sleeps much longer (avg of hour in the mornings). She desperately needs her sleep, too.

    Advise on putting them back together at this age or keeping separate rooms? I'd love to hear from anyone who has "fought this battle."
  2. kingeomer

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    I've kept separate rooms but mine are b/g twins.  In my case, I think putting them back together after being separate would be too distracting for them and they would not get a lot of sleep.
  3. eagleswings216

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    Our kids shared a room up until age 5.5 when we moved to a new house and having their own rooms was even possible.  It has been MUCH better with them separate.  One needs more sleep and will often sleep in in the mornings, plus getting them to GO to sleep in the same room was very hard because they would play around, laugh, jump, etc.  Especially once they were in toddler/big beds and could get out and get to each other, it was craziness, some nights for as much as an hour!  Now they go right to sleep and don't wake each other up in the mornings.  However, they also wanted separate rooms and don't seem to worry about each other.  They do have a night light, which helps with the being afraid of the dark.
  4. miss_bossy18

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    My twins and their younger brother all share a room. They definitely have different sleep needs. We often discuss as a family the importance of sleep and of allowing people to sleep as much as they need (parents included). They still sometimes wake each other up but overall they do really well with being quiet while leaving their room in the mornings.
  5. FGMH

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    Our twins (B/G with quite different sleep needs) have always shared a room (we don't have a enough bedrooms) and they generally don't disturb one another. While they were younger (2.5 - 4 maybe) there were phases when there was more disruption, playing, talking, getting out of bed etc, but I think that would have happened in any case and would have disturbed them in separate rooms too because our house is so small.
  6. sharongl

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    Mine are 13 and have always shared a room.  We got through the distract each other phases, which would occur regardless.  Actually, when they have friends over, it helps that they share, because they are used to someone else being there.  In fact, when one was away camping last weekend, the other didn't want to stay alone in their room--he did, but didn't sleep as well as when his brother is there.
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