skin and belly button pain?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Farrah, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Farrah

    Farrah Well-Known Member

    I just got home from working almost 13 hours (I am a nurse)...and my belly hurts soooo bad. My belly button hurts and my skin feels like it is bruised or something similair to that! I know that it is normal to some degree but what can I do about it. Anyone else experiencing this??? I am sure I am getting ready to have a growth spurt but I am miserable!!! HELP!!!!!
  2. Danibell

    Danibell Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    My belly button has felt bruised for awhile too, and now I have weird muscle-y bumps around it, like the muscles are pulling away or something! No fun!! :hug: I just want to say I feel your pain (literally!)
  3. Marcyjoy

    Marcyjoy Active Member

    Yep, I have this REALLY bad, and for me it's just gotten worse and worse. It started around 23 weeks and now at 36 1/2 it's awful. My belly button is sore to the touch and very vein-y. It also itches terribly like it itches inside not the skin. The doc told me my muscles were separating underneath. It actually LOOKS bruised right now and is purple, red and blue. It also feels underneath like a hundred paper cuts. I can't even stand DH to put his hands on it to feel the babies move. And ultrasounds are excruciating. I feel your pain. This is my number 2 complaint right now, second only to pelvic/back pain. Oh, and I also have the bumps as well. Uggghhh!!
  4. Meilan

    Meilan Active Member

    I have the same thing going on, it kills me to the touch, but my doc said it's normal. Unfortunately I haven't found a method of relief, but I just wanted to say you're not alone. :grouphug:
  5. Angelsamb

    Angelsamb Well-Known Member

    I have pain also! I get scared sometimes but my sister (who had twins) tells me it is totally normal. She said it's usually your uterus that is sore from growing so fast. I usually just take a warm shower and let the warm water fall on my belly. I drink lots of water and LIE DOWN. It usually goes away after a few minutes. Take it easy as well.
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