Sleeping too much?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by yuliav, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. yuliav

    yuliav Member

    Hello everyone! First of all i want to say that I'm sooo grateful i found and this forum. It's a lifesaver!

    My question is this: one of the twins (my baby girl) is sleeping all day long (i know you'll say i'm lucky). but the problem is that she doesn't eat very well and i'm concerned. when they were born the boy was smaller in weight, but now it's the other way around. She doesn't even open her eyes when I give her the bottle. She's not as active or strong as her brother and seems like she's hibernating.

    Should I be worried?

    Is there such thing as too much sleep for the baby?
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  2. Danibell

    Danibell Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Were they premature at all? If they were, then it's common for preemie babies to sleep most of the time, because that's what they'd normally be doing in utero at that time/age. However, even if they weren't premature, 6 wks is a very common growth spurt time. Which can include eating all the time, sleeping all the time, or not sleeping well, or any combination of those ;) I would keep her on the same feeding schedule as your son (should be every 3 hrs still at this age, at the most). If she's still really sleepy when you are trying to feed her, undress her a bit, so she's not so comfy and warm. Or set her on a boppy pillow beside you so she's not so snuggled up with you to feed. Basically make her a little uncomfy so she wakes up. Sometimes a bath, or play time, helps to wake them up a bit before a feeding. Tickling their feet, their belly, or under their chin can sometimes wake them up enough to eat too.
  3. yuliav

    yuliav Member

    thanks for the advice :) yeah, i think it's just a phase (today for example she ate well). now i don't worry as much.
  4. bellawillawyatt

    bellawillawyatt Well-Known Member

    I have 34week twins (they are 18 months now) and until they were almost 2 months old they slept 90% of the time. My daughter was like yours where she would barely even open her eyes while eating. Its totally normal for preemies
  5. yuliav

    yuliav Member

    i see, mine were born at 37 weeks, phew...i was starting to worry :)
  6. twinkler

    twinkler Well-Known Member

    Hi Yulia - and Welcome to TS!

    My beautiful little sleeper was the same in the early days, could easily go 6-8 hours at 4 weeks old but I was told by the pedi that it was okay and that babies can go that long without feeding. I let it go for a week or so then, I started waking her up every 3-4 hours feeding to keep her on the same schedule as the other twin. They became in synch quite quickly and then we had a phase where they didn't go to sleep at all during the day, that was really really tough. Now my beautiful little sleeper started sleeping through the night from 6 to 6, at 9 weeks old and has to have her sleeps during the day, whereas the catnapper, well she is hard work...

    Just thought I'd share, that mine are the same and oh, my sleeping beauty... she's a whole kg bigger than the other twin! :)
  7. bellawillawyatt

    bellawillawyatt Well-Known Member

    Don't worry sister. I even called the doctor the first time my daughter slept all night. LOL She then took a 4 hour nap woke to eat and went back to sleep. I called the doctor and yes the nurse giggled at me and said oh momma. She told me that she knew I worried because they were preemies but that sometimes babys just sleep and that sleepy time is when they do most of their growing. I calmed down a bit. LOL. Nothing like having a nurse sweetly and lovingly giggle at you because your freaked otu that your baby slept to make you feel better
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