Small School means no seperating my boys

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    We moved recently into a new school district & next year my boys will be starting kindergarten in their new school.
    One issue that really concerns me about this is that it is a small elementary school with only 1 teacher per grade which in turn means that my boys will be in the same class for several years. I really wanted them to be in separate classrooms & develop a sense of independence so I am not sure just how much this will impact them.
    I would really like to hear your own stories on this/opinions etc. Thanks!!
  2. cheezewhiz24

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    This is our situation, too. Our boys tested into an advanced Kindergarten and have been together all year. I would love to have them separated but they seem to be doing ok together. Their biggest challenge is they love other rambuctious kids and have both gravitated at different times with other kids and gotten in trouble. They struggle with the sitting and being still requirements more than having their sibling in the class. Oh & most of the kids (and the teachers) can't tell them apart despite me insisting one kid grow out his hair.
  3. kingeomer

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    Our school is a small school too. My kids were in the same class for kindergarten and they did absolutely fine.  Their teacher made sure they never sat at the same table and encouraged them to play separately, as did I.   Because there are 28 first graders this year, the principal had the idea to have two classrooms so the kids could have more one on one time with the teacher, so this year they are in separate classes (as soon as I found out there will be two classes for first grade, I was on the phone for the school to make sure they were separate and I made sure the kindergarten teacher knew that) and they are doing well with that.  There is no guarantee that second grade will be two classrooms so there is possibility that they will be in the same class again next year.
    I would suggest that if you have an opportunity to meet with the kindergarten teacher next year, discuss your concerns with her or him.
    Ideally, my kids would separate throughout their schooling but I nor their school can guarantee that every year because it will depend on enrollment.
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