Teaching kids what to do in case of an emergency

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    Hi everyone,

    Wondered if anyone has had experience with this. I am 6 months pg with #4 and I am home alone for days at a time bc DH travels. I have had some symptoms of pre-e and with this baby due in June I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to teach my kids what to do in case something were to happen where I couldn't get to a phone in case of an emergency. Only problem is that I'm not terribly sure how to go about it bc my kids are totally the type to call 911 for curiosity's sake. Any ideas?
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    Our school has been working on this and now the boys know that if there's a fire, they have to go outside, and if someone's hurt or they're scared about big things they can call 911. Miles actually called 911 once, and the police came (they have to check out all calls). Miles was terrified, but the policeman was great about explaining to them when to call 911 and what the police do. Look online for safety resources too; there's lots of books and colouring sheets and stuff.
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    Our preschool works with them too and we had a small house fire this winter that could've been much much worse and a lot of explaining went on about why we did things we did. I felt like a goob that we always told them to get out but never told them where to go:/
    As for calling 911 mine would too but all we have is our cells and they don't really get their hands on those too often and as embarrassing as it would be I think it would scare my kids from ever calling again;)
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    My two know how to call 911 and I have a sticker on our landline phone for 911.  They have not yet ever called it out of curiousity. I also have fire drills whenever I change the batteries to the smoke alarm.  This makes it easy to remember to do it with them.  They also get information at school.
    I just want to note that I hope you have landline.  If you do this is wonderful because your child will not have to remember your address in the heat of the moment.  I've had to call 911 more than once.  2 of those times I did not give our address.  Both times they were there within 2-3 minutes.  Once due to my peanut allergy child. They actually read my address to me and I confirmed it.  Another time was slightly more complicated in that I was dealing with someone who was mentally ill.  I called 911 but the phone was grabbed out of my hand.  They called back but I was not able to get the phone to answer.  I was heading to the front door to leave to go call 911, opened the door and there was the police officer getting ready to knock.  I was not in physical danger and was not fearful for my life but they saved the life of the person I was dealing with.  I cannot stress enough how worthwhile it is to have a landline in case of an emergency.  They can find you with a landline if you cannot give your address for any reason.  This may never happen but the one time you don't have it could cost you your life or the life of a loved one.  Its worth the $20 a month I pay for our landline.  I came close several times to ditching it due to budget but I will be forever thankful that I did not.
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