Teaching my young children about others

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    Hi there,

    I have 3 under 3 and I want to teach them about others now so it's ingrained from this point forward. I was raised with a cousin that is severely affected by autism, so caring for and being comfortable around others with handicaps has always been 2nd nature. I feel comfortable teaching them about people with handicaps... My trouble is that I would like to teach them to care for the elderly, people who are less fortunate, and just randomly show others kindness. I'm looking for some good ideas to do with my very young little ones... Iask just so tired of this "me centered" society we live in. We belong to a church, so I guess I could try and tap into that, but they are so young that I'm not sure there would be much for them to do. Tomorrow we are baking cookies for our neighbor and grandma. Friday we are going to one of the classrooms that I do therapy in to take them their favorite snacks. Any other ideas??
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  2. Danibell

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    I think leading by example is the best thing you can do at this age. Keep them involved in YOUR giving back, and one day they'll be giving back on their own :) It sounds like you are already doing this, and I think that's great!
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    I completely agree with Danielle. You can also try to start small - at home. I haven't tested my toddler in the wider waters of the world with this kind of thing yet but I always encourage her to show concern for and care about her sisters, her dad, and anyone else who is around. If they learn it at home, I hope it won't be too difficult to translate it to the rest of the world. And I think you are starting things at the perfect age. Toddlers and preschoolers are just starting to recognize that the world around them is filled with people and that can be a good time to get them started on learning about helping and caring for others. You'll also notice that this is the time that they try to "feed" their dolls and do other helpful things.

    By the way, I think this is a GREAT idea! :)
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    Not sure if it is feasible with 3 under 3 but my mom taught by example. She did a lot of volunteer work while I was growing up. One I remember the best was her work at a nursing home. Once a week she would do hair for a morning at a nursing home. Several women volunteered. I always went with her from infant until I started school. There was an older gentemen who came with his wife and he was the one who would go get the ladies to get their hair fixed. I often went with him. I had my favorite ladies and still remember them. One could not talk due to a sroke so I always sit and held her hand. Another was scared of getting her hair done and known to be difficult. I would also sit and hold her hand. If I was not there she refused to get her hair done. It was a true learning experience. I coninued to visit my "favs" at the home until they all died even after I stopped going with my mom. It not only taught me about caring for others it also taught me about getting older and even death. Nursing homes and hospitals have never bothered me and old people were never scary to me like they are for some.

    So I agree with leading by example. Show kindness to others in front of your kids. Even having them help you take in canned goods and explaining what they are for. When they are older it will be easier to find opportunities to volunteer as a family.
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