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Discussion in 'General' started by Twinrific, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Twinrific

    Twinrific Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Wow it's been quiet in here! I know the guys are busy with a trip (I'm still jealous!) and the rest of you are probably enjoying Summer (more jealousy)

    Everyone knows my news by now so nothing new on our side. Waiting for our first scan on Friday to do a head count and see if everything is going well (if my nausea is any indication things are going very well) [​IMG]

    And it's COLD! I really do prefer Summer, poor Bruto has been spending all his time under our bed covers so I think he's also not in love with winter.

    How is everyone? Codie did you get a new car yet? Joyce thinking of you all the time! Geks post a bit, you're quiet!

    And someone choose a QOTT I'm out of questions :p
  2. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    I am also jealous about their trip!!

    It is winter here also and freezing cold, the wind is horrible.

    Brenda I am so happy for you :) I hope your scan goes well on Friday, how exciting it must be for you both :D

    Yes I did, I picked it up on Saturday, it is so cute! Such a good little car and so cheap on fuel, have done 200km on this tank and it has not even used 1/4 :)

    Poor Bruto, Bam would be doing that to but my parents don't allow him under their blankets but he has his own bed with frame, pillow top mattress, blanket and pillow it is so funny to see, of course he doesn't sleep on it though he sleeps right against mums side on her bed or under the blankets keeping me warm when I go home which isn't often.

    Because it is cold, it is perfect curl up somewhere and watch a movie weather (or a read a book), what is your favorite movie? could be the question. :)
  3. Twinrific

    Twinrific Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Thank you Codie!

    Glad you're happy with your car!

    Favourite movie, hmmm I'm never good at picking favourites! Dead poet's Society was a good one ;)
  4. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone, good to see everyone is still well, and Joyce it was nice to see you are back as well!

    Favourite movie: always difficult to choose, so for now lets say; August Rush. Brenda, dead poet's society is definitely an all time favourite as well.

    I'm doing well, we've had a lot of changes lately (like me resigning from work, and we're in Cape Town :ibiggrin: ). For us it is quite a leap of faith so I hope everything will work out alright

    My boring story for the day:
    Baxter (my loving dog that constantly makes me 10 years older) had a bit of an accident last week with a cat and the cat scratched his eye - he had to have an operation, the vet thinks he's vision will be 100% again, depending on how long it takes the infection to clear up. I'm giving him eye droplets every hour and he has pain and anti-inflammation medication. I felt sorry for the cat (because Baxter really doesn't like cats and usually hurts them badly) until I heard what happened , now I'm judging my dog's intelligence :p. What happened according to our neighbor: Bax was curious as to what our neighbors were doing so he went and put his head through their cat door, the door is to small for him to fit through so he can only put his head in (is it just me? but I think this had to look hilarious) well obviously he spotted the cat and promptly started barking at it, but the idiot didn't realise he is immobile and the cat has no restrictions, so the cat scratched him. CP heard the commotion and went to help the neighbor to pull them apart. (The cat didn't get hurt at all). So if we have the who is better debate, cats or dogs, I will definitely know who to side with when it comes to intelligence :p (it's funny to me now that I know Bax is going to be alright and he is playing and jumping around like usual)
  5. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    I haven't heard of Dead poet's society, will have to look it up! August Rush is an amazing movie! :wub:

    :laughing: I am sorry Gerda to laugh at Baxter but it would of been funny to see this dog sticking his head through the cat door! Glad he is ok! :)

    I don't have just one, I love so many that it is hard to pick just one. I can watch Sea people and cry every time, it is an amazing movie. Drop dead Fred is another I grew up watching but love it as an adult getting the adult humor that went over my head when I was young obviously ;) loving Burlesques to!
  6. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    We have to travel to make up for the rest of you who like to talk about it but never do (according to the Canadian customs people who were conducting pointless but intrusive interrogations on departure we travel too frequently and to too many countries :rolleyes:).

    Sounds interesting. Are you going to look for work in Cape Town?

    I don't watch films. I think they are boring. Richard and I bought a DVD of an Icelandic television programme for our brother and it is quite good.
  7. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    Codie I haven't heard of any of those fims? I'll have to go and see them

    Yip, I'm already doing contract work, looking for more contract work and CP is also looking for a new job, it is time he moves from company as well.

    That reminds me,on Tuesday I flew in the cockpit all the way to Cape Town! it was so interesting! and I couldn't believe my luck, I was waiting outside (whilst everyone stands in a long line to get on the plane, I rather sit for a couple more minutes and go in when the line is shorter) - one of the flight crew people approached me and asked if I were flying alone, when I said yes, they told me they were overbooked and a mom with two children need another chair and if I wouldn't mind flying in the jump seat :D. I obviously didn't mind :p

    :rolleyes: That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, the more countries the more often you visit, the better! idiots.
  8. TwinRichard

    TwinRichard Well-Known Member

    My turn to be jealous :p I have been in the cockpit of several aeroplanes but it has been years. It sounds very interesting though!

    I have a theory that all immigrations/customs officials never leave whatever country they work in so they don't understand why anybody else would want to either.
  9. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    Another reason to visit South Africa. You can't do that in some countries anymore unfortunately.
  10. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    One of our friends (Coenie) is a pilot, so I've been in a couple of planes as well, but mostly when we fly with him it is in the small 4 carrier planes, so was very interesting to see the 737. So much more electronics and rules! The pilots were also very friendly so they answered all my curious questions.

    I was also surprised, I thought it wasn't allowed here anymore either, obviously I was wrong. They probably do it just in cases like this, probably won't allow it on request? Will have to ask Coenie about that.

    I will support your theory!
  11. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I saw Brenda's news (via Gerda) Very exciting.

    I'm still dealing with my joints. I actually finger typing right now because my right hand is painful to get my hand in typing position. The hematologist says my blood work rhematoid factor is off but he can't read them so I see a rheumatologist on Aug 22.

    I'm not really a movie person but I love Gosford Park.
  12. starmaker

    starmaker Well-Known Member

    Gonna take the time tonight to reply to everything ;) Hope your all doing well!
  13. Twinrific

    Twinrific Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I'm (jealously) ignoring all the travel talk..

    Kendra I'm so sorry you're still in so much pain and discomfort, it must be very frustrating to wait so long for answers and help. Hope you'll have some relieve soon!
  14. starmaker

    starmaker Well-Known Member

    Having a hard time thinking of a favorite movie, anything Star trek and Stargate at least. But I do have alot of other favorites that I cannot seem to think of right now. Forrest Gump, Jesus, Harry Potter are all favorites of mine.

    Gerda, cute story about Baxter, good to hear he is alright. Funny though because Shelley has recently gotten a dog (Jessie) that she brought to my dads house when my cat (Loki) was there to, and Loki and him got into a fight as well. Jessie actually just wanted to play with Loki, but appparently Loki felt threatened and attacked him :lol: Was very funny when we knew both were alright.

    You flew in the cockpit of a plane! Wow that is fantastic :D Would of love to do that at some point!

    Sorry you are still having issues Kendra, hopefully you will soon have some answers as to what's going on. Hope you feel better soon :)

    Speaking of travel: I booked a vacation yesterday to Macedonia!! Frances, me and a friend of ours will be going there for 7 days and the end of september/beginning october :D
    I am just so very excited to be going away for a few days, not to mention flying for the second time in my life! :lol:
  15. TwinRichard

    TwinRichard Well-Known Member

    Sounds nice. I wouldn't mind going to Macedonia at some point. Are you leaving from Schipol?
  16. Twinrific

    Twinrific Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    That sounds very nice and I think it will be good for you! I'm excited for you!

    Closest I'm getting to that is that we're flying to Cape Town in the beginning of August. My dad is turning 60 so we're all celebrating with him there (yes they're also flying down) and my brother is opening a new warehouse (a green project) for his company so we're supporting him in the launch. Looking forward to visiting with family!
  17. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I'm going to Macedonia too! Macedonia, Ohio. ;) (it's next to Twinsburg)
  18. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    I want to go to Macedonia too. It sounds like an interesting place.

    Hopefully Joyce has made sure she booked the flight to the Macedonia she intends to visit :p There are occasional news articles about people that fly to Sydney, Nova Scotia intending to travel to Sydney, New South Wales.
  19. TwinRichard

    TwinRichard Well-Known Member

    I thought your mother didn't like flying?
  20. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    Kendra I hope you get more answers (and solutions!) on the 22nd, good luck. It's terrible to be in pain and get no answers

    I can imagine it was also funny (as soon as you knew they were fine) :) Baxter's eye is a lot better now.

    That is so great! I'm jealous again :p. Something nice to look forward to.

    It's going to be such a nice weekend! CP and I was at the warehouse again yesterday, it is really nice. I won't mind the views they are going to have in my office someday!

    She doesn't! It took quite a lot of convincing from all of us!
  21. TwinRichard

    TwinRichard Well-Known Member

    She could go by train!
  22. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    To continue the travel discussion, Richard and I are seriously considering going to Samoa at the end of this year. We originally were planning on going to Niue but this year Samoa is switching days so is skipping the 30th of December entirely (they are going from 23:59 on the 29th to 00:00 on the 31st). The interesting part is that it looks like the airline systems have not been updated yet so the schedule is still showing that we'll cross the international dateline on the way back (which we won't). We'll then go to Niue next year.
  23. starmaker

    starmaker Well-Known Member

    Yes, we are going to fly from Schiphol to Ohrid.

    That's great! You do seem to have done quiet a bit of traveling (and moving ;) ) I would love to see Cape Town someday.
    Great to see how all of your family is so close :)

    :lol: Enjoy your trip!

    I wouldn't mind going to Macedonia, Ohio if it's for the same price I am paying now :p
    I am actually going to Ohrid, Macedonia ;)

    Sounds interesting, must be really weird to just skip an entire day? Aren't Samoa and Niue very close together? Both seem very nice to visit, just looked up Niue and it seems like a small village on a tiny island.
  24. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    I've crossed the international dateline quite a few times but only in an aeroplane so it doesn't seem that strange because there is a time difference anyway and you are never quite sure when you have crossed the dateline (the aeroplane maps don't show it). In this case, we would be skipping a whole day at midnight and that is going to be interesting (for me anyway) which is why I would like to go. It does not happen very often.

    Samoa and Niue are about 600km apart but the only way to get to Niue (other than using a private Yacht) is by aeroplane on the once-per-week flight from Auckland so in order for us to go to both Samoa and Niue we would need to fly back to Auckland, wait at least a day, and then fly to Niue. That isn't really doable in one trip. I am inclined to visit American Samoa while we are in Samoa though (35 minute flight) which after the date change will be on the opposite side of the date line.

    Niue has a few small villages (total population is about 2,000 people on the whole island) but that is part of the reason for going.
  25. Twinrific

    Twinrific Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I'm jealous of all the trips! One day... ;) :p
  26. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    Same here! :p
  27. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    That just takes waaaay to long, 2 hours on a plane is not that bad, she'll take some sleeping pills and be fine - if she has an aisle seat it is better because then she can at least get up and walk around a bit. I think part of the fear of flying is the enclosed space for her

    I'm also very jealous of all the travelling! but we'll slowly but surely get there least I had one trip by now, and I'm seeing more of South Africa. CP and I make a point to travel around here and see all the great places, even if it is our own country at least we're seeing some beautiful and exciting places...until we can afford the flight tickets to other places :popcorn:

    You will love it, I definitely think Cape Town is one of the must-see's in South Africa. We've brought this up a lot, but I truly can't wait when we all meet in person, I'm sure it is not a matter of if but just when...heehee, probably when we are all gray and old, but still :p
  28. TwinRichard

    TwinRichard Well-Known Member

    It takes a day and is apparently one of the nicest train trips in the world. I wouldn't want to do it every time if I was doing the flight often but every once in a while it would be nice particularly if time isn't really an issue.

    I don't expect to have grey hair that soon :p
  29. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    Exactly that, I agree. If you go for a week or so I think it is a great trip to do, lots of our friends have done it when going on university trips (CP have wanted to do it for ages! So I'm sure we'll take the trip at some time), but like with the weekend in August it really will take too long.

    LOL, You actually have a good point, I don't expect to have grey hair ever :p (that is why colouring was invented). Hopefully the visit will be sooner than later :D
  30. TwinRichard

    TwinRichard Well-Known Member

    For a weekend I agree that it would take too long.

    You could always come here too :p
  31. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    It actually isn't that expensive but you need to be creative as to how you do it. We probably spend less on travel than you do on petrol alone. Flights to Samoa and New Zealand have been booked. Total cost (return), $103.50 each.
  32. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    I know - the expensive thing is the plane tickets for us (from SA to anywhere is quite expensive, even the less expensive tickets at about R5000 p/p is still a bit too much luxury we can afford now), and unfortunately we have to pay for petrol so we can't cut that expense (and no we are not debating it again :p). We'll probably backpack everywhere when we finally travel, don't mind simple living arrangements etc if it means we get to see more places

    ETA: We are on our way to getting there, our travel fund has just become back up money though :rolleyes: but if it means we can relocate to Cape Town, I can live with it. I love it here, after 7 years in Pretoria this is a nice change of scenery! Especially for us that like trail running, their are numerous mountains and forests etc we can explore here, last night we even went for a walk next to the beach with Baxter! I'm so relaxed here, no more traffic for 3 hours a day (that made my patience non-existent) and I can't wait for summer then we have longer days as well! so after work more than enough daylight to go climbing or running or canoeing :D :D
  33. TwinG

    TwinG Well-Known Member

    Just realised, we can't even fly (return) from Pretoria to Cape Town for $103.50 each, if the flights are on special we'll still pay about R900 ($128.50).
  34. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    I don't think R5,000 is expensive depending on where you are going. A quick (30 second) look shows that is enough for a ticket to Cairo, Athens and Istanbul on the same trip which is not bad at all.

    I'm merely pointing out that travelling is not as expensive as some people think it is :p
  35. TwinPeshi

    TwinPeshi Well-Known Member

    What would you say if I told you $103.50 was for business class? :p The technicality is that the trip is on points which we received as a result of some clever routing during our recent trip ($103.50 is the tax component which you have to pay). The actual cost if we were to buy them (keep in mind that this is peak season) would be $1,700 in economy or $2,500 in business class (which I would never pay for).
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