This Week's Appointments Nov. 19-23

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by summerfun, Nov 18, 2012.

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    This is our weekly appointment thread for the week of Nov. 19-23. Please reply here and let us know any appointments you have this week. Don't forget to come back and update us on how the appointment went. Good luck at all appointments. :)
  2. jn18

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    Had my 34 wk OB appointment this week--babies are head down, measuring very close and still super active.
    Me on the other can, well the weight is causing some serious hip, joint, leg and knee pain. OB said to get a cane and try not to move around as much (hard to do when you're still working and have a toddler on the go!) She also said take tylonol...but i don't want this to be an everyday--I need it kinda thing!

    Hoping to find some ways to manage this because its becoming unbearable. Also, don't want to deliver babies earlier than necessary either. (OB recommending induction at 36-37 wks).
  3. mrsgreig

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    My first appt with the MFM is this afternoon, I'm 20 weeks today, so my Dr. should have referred me awhile ago, but I finally just asked for a referral since we are pretty sure they are identical. They are going to try to peek at the placenta/s, confirm genders(Baby A wouldn't give it up last time, lol, but B is definitely a boy, if they are identical obviously they will both be boys), and just make sure we aren't having any complications!
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