Toddler bedroom door sensors/chimes?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by littletwinstars, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. littletwinstars

    littletwinstars Well-Known Member

    Our DD and DS are fully potty trained and prior to the summer...they slept through the night. However, the heat has been pretty bad and they drink a lot during the day. Thus they have been waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. They are still pretty groggy when they wake up so we've been assisting them when it happens. We can usually hear our DD when she wakes up, but it is more difficult with our DS. This wasn't too much of a problem because our DS' bedroom door squeaked when it would open. We have the monitors on so we would awaken when we heard the door. Unfortunately, my DH decided to put a little WD-40 to make it a little less squeaky and now there's no noise at all!

    I was wondering if anyone uses some type of door sensor on their childrens' doors so that you know when they leave their bedrooms. Ideally, I would like something that will be silent in his room and only make a noise via some sort of speaker in our room. Is there such a thing? Help! :unknw:
  2. Jill R.

    Jill R. Well-Known Member

    You could put some small jingle bells on the door, so that when it opens, they'll jingle. If you use little ones, they won't make a lot of noise.
  3. AlphaBeta

    AlphaBeta Well-Known Member

    Maybe hang a cat or dog toy on the door, one that has a jingle in it, but it's somewhat padded so it's not as loud? We still have their potty chairs in their rooms, and the floors creak badly upstairs (right over our room), so not an issue we've had to deal with. Let us know what you find that works!
  4. devmac2003

    devmac2003 Well-Known Member

    I'd be interested to see what you find out. My youngest ds can open up the back patio and the front door even with child proof handles and I have been looking for an alarm or sensor to put on the doors so I can hear if he goes out.
  5. littletwinstars

    littletwinstars Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the suggestions. We did go to Michael's last night and bought some jingle bells and tied them to a ribbon. We hung it on the door knob, but doesn't work. I tried to make it as "free flowing" as possible so that it would make noise, but it makes about 1 "jingle" and that's it. Our DS opens his door very carefully and doesn't swing it wide open so it makes it more difficult to get a good jingle. Any other ideas? TIA!
  6. aandax246

    aandax246 Well-Known Member

    I bought some very inexpensive little door alarms from Walmart. There were two to a pack and they were less than $10.00 for the pair. They operate on batteries - are easy to install and when the door opens a little alarm/chirp sounds. You can turn them off when you don't want the alarm. They were in the department where electrical things were - that, smoke detectors, etc.
  7. littletwinstars

    littletwinstars Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip about the ones at Walmart...I just have a few questions:
    1. Is the sound emitted directly from the door sensor or does it come out of another speaker? (i.e. can I make the sound only be heard from our bedroom instead of my DS' bedroom where the sensor would be located?)

    2. Is it a Walmart brand? Is it possible for you to mention the company/brand name and model #? I've done a search on the Walmart website and can't seem to find it. The closest Walmart to us is "not so close."

  8. debid

    debid Well-Known Member

    Our "alarm" is a decorative door hanger with a bell at the bottom. It has a dowel with a flag hanging from the dowel and the bell is at the bottom of the flag (it's a traditional bell, not a jingle ball type). I prop the dowel against the jamb and it will swing and ring when the door is opened. I have to hang it from a hook near the top of the door now rather than the knob because they were opening the door a crack, silencing the bell with a hand, and then opening it the rest of the way. Stinkers! I don't think the flag is necessary so you really just need a short stick (a pencil would work), a piece of string attached at each end of the stick so it will hang, and a bell hanging from the stick.
  9. Jill R.

    Jill R. Well-Known Member

    Here's this system from One Step Ahead: It sounds like what you want, with the free standing receiver. However, the 2 reviews complain about it going through batteries really fast. Rechargeable batteries might be a solution though.
  10. Oneplus2more

    Oneplus2more Well-Known Member

    We're moving H & N to big girl beds for their third birthday, a promise I'm already regretting! I think we might give these a try
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