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Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by Fran27, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Fran27

    Fran27 Well-Known Member

    I finally caved down and bought my two a train table (for Christmas, but it was on sale and I had 10% off, and I'm just glad it's done and I can stop obsessing about finding the best deal!). I got the Imaginarium one because it had the best reviews for the price. And oh man that thing is heavy and I'll have to ask dh to put it in the garage for now because there's no way we're dragging that thing upstairs.

    My question now is - should I try to screw/glue the set to the table when we set it up? I don't want it to fall apart all the time but I don't want my kids to be stuck later on if they want to build their own tracks either... We do have another train set, so I was thinking that maybe I could try to attach the one on the table and let them play and make their tracks with the other set?

    If you've been there, done that, what do you suggest? If I decide to attach it, how hard is it and what should I use? They had it displayed in the store and it was all screwed together nicely but I don't know if that would prevent the trains from rolling or not... And does it reduce the resale value? (not my main concern at this point obviously though).

    Thanks in advance... Christmas can't come soon enough in this house LOL
  2. abrinka

    abrinka Well-Known Member

    Great question! I was planning to ask the same as I am in search for train sets for Christmas gift.
    When I buy new toys I like to plan ahead if I will be able to resell on craigslist.
    can't wait to hear what other are doing or done.
  3. jenniferkkelly

    jenniferkkelly Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping to get mine a train table for Christmas too & I'm planning on glueing the set altogether. Seems like it'd be easier & then we won't have to deal with tiny pieces lying all over the place.
  4. Minette

    Minette Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't -- my kids use the train table for other projects way more than they actually use it for trains. Of course, if we had glued it together, they probably would have used the actual trains a lot more than they did -- but I don't think it's worth sacrificing the flexibility for that.

    Plus, I'm expecting them to spend more time on the trains now that they're getting old enough to really build layouts.

    We have a Costco set (I forget the brand name) and the tracks did fall apart all the time, but the Thomas/Brio ones are much sturdier. IMO, the brand of table doesn't matter, but with the actual track, you get what you pay for.
  5. ljcrochet

    ljcrochet Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I don't think i would glue the train set together. My girls got the Imaginarium one with the two storage drawers for a 2nd birthday present. At that time we wound up getting more trains since most of the train that came with the table had to go up on the gray trellises which the girls would knock over. we just made simple track. Sometimes we would leave them on the table for a few days. As my girls got bigger they loved to build the tracks on the floor all over the living room. Now at almost 5 1/2 the train table is mostly used for other stuff, but they still take the tracks and build on the floor.
  6. vharrison1969

    vharrison1969 Well-Known Member

    We got a Kidcraft train table (compatible with the Thomas Wooden Railway trains) that came with track and other pieces. Best. Present. Ever. My nanny thanks me daily for getting it. ;) We didn't even think about screwing/gluing the track together. :unsure: I actually like creating new track layouts every few days when the boys destroy it. :lol: I'm also thinking about getting more and different track pieces for the boys for Christmas so they can make more cool stuff. It's almost like a puzzle; they like trying to figure out how to put the pieces together.
  7. Fran27

    Fran27 Well-Known Member

    Ok you're convincing me not to glue it! I've read reviews and apparently they hold really well together, and with the extra set it will give them more ideas.
  8. Trishandthegirls

    Trishandthegirls Well-Known Member

    I would not glue it all together - that takes away half the imaginative play possibilities. My girls love to create new track configurations - in fact, I think this is more fun for them than moving the trains around. Plus, as Minette said, your kids will probably use the train table for way more than just trains.
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  9. rissakaye

    rissakaye Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Don't glue it. Track building was absolutely a favorite thing to do with daddy at night. Currently, the train stuff is no longer out. Instead the table gets used for Legos, Hot Wheel tracks, marble mazes, and puzzles. It's a great multi-purpose table.

  10. maybell

    maybell Well-Known Member

    what age is good for the trains, for being able to build and play etc. Is it more of a 3 yr old toy? that might be good timing for us... in time for the HOT summers... I love the idea of not gluing so that there is the ability to really play with it!
  11. vharrison1969

    vharrison1969 Well-Known Member

    My guys got their train table for their 2nd birthday, and they ADORE it. I was really surprised at how well, and how *long* they play with it. But they don't really do track layouts yet, just run the cars up and down the tracks for long periods of time, and play with putting the parts together/taking them apart. I think it will be a toy that will grow with them, though, as they are able to build new tracks and get creative.

    I also think the table will be great for other things (Legos, etc.). The playboard on mine turns over, so instead of a landscape it can be plain green.
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