Twins in separate rooms but still waking each other?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by jdorourk, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Does anyone have this issue? We put our b/g twins in separate rooms at 5 mos as they kept waking each other early in the night and it was getting too hard to get them back to sleep. We've just kept it that way and they are 11 mos old. They have been STTN with no night feeds since 9.5 mos old.

    All of our bedrooms are on one hallway and there are two rooms between the twins bed rooms - a walk in closet and a bathroom. we have white noise in both their rooms. Just in the past few weeks, DS has been waking early for the day (that's a whole other subject I could post on) in the 5 AM hour. Regularly as soon as DS has been up and fussing in his crib for a bit we start to hear DD fussing. A few times DS has stopped fussing and then DD does too, and today once I got DS up and started feeding him, DD went back to sleep. Also, DD's room is right next to ours and her crib is on the the wall that is next to our room, but our bed is on the other side of the room from her wall. We have a video monitor in our room on our bedside table and I wonder too if she can hear him on it, but we keep it on the lowest volume so I don't see how she can hear it.

    Anyone have an issue of twins waking each other in separate rooms. Only reason I'm concerned is that DD seems to need about 30-45 min extra overnight sleep than DS and he keeps waking her, and it is much easier to have only one baby crying in their crib at a time... I can get DS up and have time to feed him while DD is still dozing.
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    Hearing him on the monitor is a good thought. I don't use the monitors any more for just that reason. There were a few times when i thought it was the monitor sound that escalated things. Now i keep the doors cracked so i can hear them.

    Could you switch rooms and put DS in the one closest to you?
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