Twins still weigh exactly the same...identical or not?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by zanetaya, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. zanetaya

    zanetaya Well-Known Member

    Hi all!! The day my twin daughters were born, they both weighed 5lb. 15oz. When we came home, they weighed 5lb. 9oz. At 1 month it was 7lb. 10oz. Then at 2 months they weighed 10lb. 1oz. Now at 3 months they both STILL weigh the same at 12lb. 6oz. Crazy!!!

    Anyhow, we know they have the same blood type. I do not think they look alike, but people who do not know them well often think they are identical. I wish I had a pic to put on here. I know you all (as mothers of twins) would think they were fraternal to look at their pics. Has any of your twins always weighed the same time and time again...and had the same blood type and been identical or fraternal? Their pediatrician thinks they may end up looking alike. He says this can take time.

    Just curious to see what you all think of this. The day they weigh different, I may cry haha :)
  2. mandywellman

    mandywellman Well-Known Member

    well i could have wrote this post a while ago! Mine weighed the same til about 4 months!!! Exactly the same, accept at birth. but my girls are identical.

    and is alot bigger then the other one! 16.9 and 15.8 does not sound like a lot but the bigger ones head is bigger too. plus when they are tat small a pund makes a huge difference!

    i was sad when the other one started to weigh more!! but its ok!!!!! and now i look back and wonder why i was sad! they will grow at different rates,, as long as they aer happy and healthy!

    as far as being ID or not! not to sure since mine are mine were in the same sac i know they are. but if it were me i would want to know too!!

    i think alot of babies loook alike if you dont "know" them ya know. so who knows guess you will find out when they get a lil older
  3. ChaoticMum

    ChaoticMum Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine has frat girls - obviously frat - and they have always weighed the same to the ounce - and they are 4yrs old....
  4. E's 3

    E's 3 Well-Known Member

    My girls are identical and have weighed the exact same (biggest difference was 0.5oz) at every appointment we've had, except for a couple at the start. They were 4oz different at birth and the gap had closed within a few days. They got sick at 3.5 weeks and were at the children's hospital for a week and one lost more then but caught up quickly, since then they have been the same.

    We had our girls tested since they were di/di but had the same blood type and same crazy red-blond hair when they were born (DH and I have dark hair) and I'm SO glad I did. I think they look totally different now so I think I would have started to think they are frat but everyone else (including DH) says I'm crazy as they still can't tell them apart!
  5. elhardy26

    elhardy26 Well-Known Member

    my girls are ID, and one has always weighed more, infact she weighed 8oz more at birth, and at almost every check maintained that 1/2lb difference.

    I'm a big fan of DNA testing, we were two sacs, two placenta's, and everyone said they had to be fraternal. The DNA match came back 99.9% match for idential. But I'm someone who likes to know things for sure!
  6. hudsonfour

    hudsonfour Well-Known Member

    My girls are ID (we have done the test) and have never every weighed the same! At birth one was 7.3 lbs the other 5.9 lbs. Now at 5 there is almost a 6 pound difference. I would say that weight wasn't an indicator to determine ID or faternal.
  7. pamallhoney

    pamallhoney Well-Known Member

    You need to post some pictures! I'd love to see your little beauties!
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