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    Hi! I recently had an ultrasound at 6weeks 1day. We could clearly see the heartbeat on baby A and she typed fetus a. Baby measured correctly to my dates and heartbeat was 105. She never addressed what 'baby B' is. She left up a couple seconds of a video from the ultrasound. After I recorded it, I asked what 'baby B' was. She said uhhh probably just part of the sac. At the end of my video I can see a flicker in 'baby B'. I'm not able to post my video so here is a picture from my ultrasound. What do you guys think!?

    I think it's odd she never addressed what 'baby B' is and that she wrote fetus a. This is my 5th pregnancy and I've never had someone type fetus a and not explain what everything is on the screen!


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    Do you have another u/s scheduled? It's so hard to tell that early. I had an u/s at 5 weeks and A only showed the heartbeat but I had high HCG levels so they were pretty certain it was twins-when I went back at 7 weeks both heartbeats showed on the u/s.
    I honestly don't see a definitive space for B sac but things move so quick, like I said it's hard to tell so early. Have they done any blood work?
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    Thanks for responding! I think I'm so curious because she typed fetus a on the screen and on my video I can see a flicker in b.

    My ob won't see me until 7w, so I go this week.

    I have another ultrasound today. :)
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    Keep us posted! It is interesting that she put Fetus A on the picture.
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