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  1. Ericka B

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    [SIZE=10pt]Why oh why do I spend countless hours worrying about schedules? Now that I think back over the last 10 months, my boys have never stuck to any schedule for more than 2 weeks. Just when I think I have a good routine, they turn everything around on me. For the last 4 days they have napped a total of 40 minutes during the day. They are finally sleeping through the night and I'm not sure the trade off is really that great! This better be a phase, I keep trying to watch for signs that they are getting sleepy and there aren't any. So I try to go by the time and they sit in their cribs and scream back and forth. Am I the only one who is like this, do people's schedules really stay the same for any length of time? Has anybody just said to h$#@ with the schedule and just tried to go with the flow? Evey time I think I'm just going with the flow I catch myslef putting them in their cribs at a certain time and then being mad when they won't sleep. Oh well, thanks for letting me vent. :rolleyes: [/SIZE]
  2. Her Royal Jennyness

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    My boys have this thing where they goof off with each other before falling asleep. I still lay them down at the same time and let them play until they conk out. It doesn't make me angry because I figure they are out of my hair and aren't in danger. I'm really good at ignoring stuff though.
  3. walker006

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    We're just going with the flow here. I don't think my babies got the memo while inside me that said they had to do it by the book or keep to a schedule. Lol. They do get up around the same time 7-8am, take 3 naps( although this week they have switched on me, normally dd takes long naps and ds does short ones) and dd goes to bed around 8ish and ds 8-9. Both sttn. So i guess they have made up their own schedule. When they are hungry, i feed them and when sleepy, they go to bed. It works great for us. I think this has made it easy for all of us and that way i'm not stressing over what they should be or shouldn't be doing.
  4. DATJMom

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    I think they are just at an age where everything in the environment is waaaaaay better than sleeping. We had the same issue around this time when they learned how to pull up in the crib or they were cruising all day long. I hope they settle down soon for you. And FWIW I too agree with Jenny, as long as they are in their cribs and out of any danger let them go until they pass out.
  5. Ericka B

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    [SIZE=10pt]It's good to hear that other people do that. I have just been leaving them in their cribs until they eventually fall asleep. I was feeling guilty because I never know when to bring them out and give up on the nap. It seems like sometimes one will fall asleep and by the time one is asleep the other is up (with in 10 min) so they end up being in their crib for 2 1/2 hours sleeping some of the time and up the rest. It was feeling a little mean but I guess they aren't crying just fussing from time to time, mostly just babbling back and forth. How long do you leave them in there awake before you give up on that nap for the day?[/SIZE]
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    i feel your pain. we JUST got back into a groove after december vacation and then we got hit with colds, followed by teething, and last week finally settled down. but now we will be going to the beach for 10 days with the in laws on saturday. not that we wont have fun or that i'm not looking forward to it, it's just that it's going to be back to the drawing boards while we are there, AAAND when we get back.

    *sigh* and so it goes, i guess!!!
  7. DATJMom

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    QUOTE(Ericka B @ Mar 11 2008, 12:35 AM) [snapback]662489[/snapback]
    [SIZE=10pt]How long do you leave them in there awake before you give up on that nap for the day?[/SIZE]

    I have left mine for about an hour and a half before. If they are content and talking I have no problem getting some cleaning done before I go back in and let them tear apart the house again.
  8. monique+2

    monique+2 Well-Known Member

    I am just like pp replies. I feed them when they are hungry and they go to sleep when they are tired. Eventually they came to make their own schedule, because regardless of when they nap during the day, and i really do not know when they do because I am at work and they are with the sitter, they still are asleep around 8 on the nose no matter where we are, and they always seem to wake up around 6 am. I never wanted to make a schedule for them because i knew that I would be back to work and I did not want to make it difficult for the sitter or whoever watched them because they were accustomed to a certain schedule. But everything worked out fine even though they wake up early, half the time I only know they are awake because I hear them in their crib playing, screaming, talking, growling etc..
  9. lbrooks

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    UGH! This sounds like my life now...40 minute naps...no schedule or one that changes so often, why bother? I thought it was supposed to get better by 10 months!

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