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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Karabatsos, May 26, 2010.

  1. Karabatsos

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    I am looking to purchase an additional video baby monitor. I currently have the summer 7' flat screen and am looking for something more portable. I have narrowed it down to the summer infant best view or the summer infant slim and secure. Both have there pros and cons and i have pretty much confused myself from reading all the reviews out there!!! So I figured i trust your opinions instead. I was just wondering if anybody has any of these monitors and if so what you like and dont like and if you recommend me buying them. I know I could just buy an extra camera for the monitor I have now but I like viewing the babies at the same time plus i like the idea of portability. Also if there is a totally different monitor you love, I am open for other suggestions!!! Thanks!
  2. angieb1979

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    Summer Infant Monitor

    This is the one we have and it's worked wonderfully! Not much interference and it's got great picture quality. We just had to change the batteries the other day after using for 10 months. You can get another camera cause there are two channels to switch between but we never did, we just kept it on our most active baby. I agree with you about the reviews, I read them daily for a week and came to the decision they all sucked and I wasn't going to get one. There are good reviews and bad reviews for about every camera system out there so good luck with your search :)
  3. cat mommy

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    The one above is NOT compatible with your existing me, I have both :(. The ones that have this exact handheld monitor are fully compatible and fully interchangeable with your current system. My link
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  4. vtlakey

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    We LOVE our Summer Infant Best View video monitor!! So much so that we bought a second one about a month later because we wanted a camera over each crib. However, we thought we could use both handheld units (so I could have one with me upstairs, and DH use one while he was downstairs, for instance), but we were wrong. While both hand held units would sometimes coexist peacefully, after a while (a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, it was random) one would give the "out of range" message (or some other message I really can't remember). A call to customer support confirmed that the 2 handheld units did not play nice with each other due to using the same frequency and that eventually one would get kicked off the frequency. I was bummed at first, but we soon adapted to just using one handheld unit to flip back and forth between the cameras. And we really liked not having to carry BOTH units around anyway! In hindsight it's much easier to just use one handheld unit to flip back and forth between cameras. Also, the battery life is EXCELLENT on the handheld units. And we never have to resync it to the cameras. It pretty much has worked flawlessly for 8+ months now. I honestly can't say enough good things about this video monitor!! That being said, I don't know if one of these would work with your other unit or not, but Summer Infant support is usually pretty knowledgeable and easy to contact. So maybe give them a ring first to be sure.
  5. cat mommy

    cat mommy Well-Known Member

    We have one video screen and one handheld monitor and they co-exist peacefully :)
  6. amymc72

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    We have two sets of these - one purchased for our second child, one for our twins. One camera in each bedroom, two monitors in two locations in the house - each monitor can switch A & B between the two cameras. Works great for us!
  7. Karabatsos

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    Which handheld do you have? it the one that comes with the flat screen complete coverage? I have just the monitor and the camera not the handheld that comes with the package thats on your link.
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