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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by gizmodad, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. gizmodad

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    Our girls are 11 months old today. I been told it's easier to brake habits early so i took there day time passi away at 10 months and now we are working towards sippy cups. My question is when should they strictly be using sippy cups and also when can i drop last bottle they eat 3 good meals and its a fight for them to drink much before bed we are lucky if they get 2 to 4 oz and this has been going on for more than a week. They go to bed around 7:15 to 7:30 and wake about 7:00 to 7:30 each morning.
  2. lilybay

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    The general rule is to be off bottle at one year, but everyone is different. When my boys turned 11 months old, I started changing one feeding per week over to a sippy cup. We started with afternoon snack, then morning snack, then lunch, and now today we are down to just a bedtime bottle. That will be gone next week, just a few days before their first birthday. We honestly have had no problems with the transition so far, although I'm a little worried about taking away that bedtime bottle.

    I think if your girls are fighting their bedtime bottle, they are telling you they are ready to move to sippies! What time do they eat dinner? Sounds like they are getting enough food to get them through the night.

    Good luck!
  3. twinkler

    twinkler Well-Known Member

    My girls are turning 1 next week and I have been pondering the same question. They too have been struggling with their bedtime milk for the past month or so, only drinking 2-4oz. We just go with the flow, I know that they still that routine and it doesn't hurt for them to get those extra calories.

    I've decided to do the switch to cow's milk before we take away the bottles for which I cannot wait to end! So my plan is that with the next tin of formula, I am going to start adding cow's milk a little at a time to their mid-morning and afternoon bottles until it's all replaced and from there I don't know what to do yet.. Lol! I have read that it is not a good idea to introduce sippy and cow's milk at the same time so that's kind of what I'm going on. PS I also read that the aim is to be off bottles by 18months (which is about when my older DD stopped).
  4. gizmodad

    gizmodad Member

    Thanks for the reply. We decided to get them on sippy cups first before we put onto cows milk. When we do that i am going to add one once cow milk first week and then add another ounce the second week i am going to add an ounce a week for 6.weeks. i hope to do this after their first birthday. They are doing really well on sippys so far. They been waking up the last few mornings around 4am because they have not been taking night bottle. I put then in the activity center and finally got then to take the bottle maybe we will get some sleep tonight
  5. twinkler

    twinkler Well-Known Member

    I forgot to add that my girls have been on sippy cups for water since about 6months and then we moved to the straw cups which they love and drink about 8-10oz water per day with that.

    About a month ago I tried once for them to have their milk in the sippy and they wouldn't have it and they just looked at me as if to say, why are you giving me this in a cup, I have it in a bottle! lol! I haven't tried again, laziness on my part I think.

    I'm starting the cows milk this afternoon (adding a little in I mean). I've bought them new sippy cups for their milk and I am in two minds whether to give them the milk in that today or should I wait - oh decisions decisions! lol. They are still struggling with their bedtime milk, initially they did wake up earlier but I still don't go in to them until 6.30 so after a few days, they just went back to sleep until I went in and then were back to sleeping to 6-6.15 again. I also increased their dinner meal to vegetables (sweet potato/pumpkin) and rice/pasta so that their bellies feel fuller. I've certainly noticed that their diapers are not as wet as they used to be.

    We got rid of the activity centres, took up too much space but they just turn their head away and won't drink, oh well at least we won't have a problem with weaning the bedtime bottle!
  6. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    The first time I tried giving my boys formula in a sippy cup, they looked at me like I had lost my mind! They hardly drank any that meal. But I kept trying, and within a day, they were drinking it easily - so don't give up!!
  7. twinkler

    twinkler Well-Known Member

    So they seem to like the cows milk because I give them cereal in that in the morning. They drank all their evening bottle because I put some in there. I also gave them their sippy cups with it in the afternoon and they seemed fine with it. One of them wants to lie down and have it though - any tips anyone? Also they tend to throw their cups around - how do I manage this with milk in it?
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