What's it like being a twin?

Discussion in 'General' started by jamie620, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. jamie620

    jamie620 Member

    This is probably the question me and Jen are asked most often, and I think there is really only one simple answer.. so now all we say is "well..what's it like not being a twin?"

    I understand people asking this question, but me and Jen thought about this and well.. it's normal, for us having a twin is all we know, I couldnt imagine not having her, she is my world.. my other half, the one person I couldn't live without.
    With that said.. I'm actually in awe of all the people out there that aren't twins lol... they go everyday of their life being independent.. for example first day of school, me and Jen have always had each other we never had to go alone, no matter what we do or where we go, we always have each other to go with. I would be so scared and lost without her...

    what do you all think? have you thought about that too?
  2. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    Chloe and Myself are always asked this question too, but really there isnt one answer I agree, We dont know any different.
    I was talking to a friend today and was explaining that Chloe might be going to the same University that I want to go to and they found it amusing because I was excited over it, I was like "why is that funny?" and his response "because your excited over it" I responded by saying "shes my twin, I want her to be close to me, we have done everything together the last 13 years of primary school and highschool, and I want the support network at University" he then goes on to say he finds it strange that siblings can be close I told him "shes my twin, the bond is different, its the only thing I know and I dont want it to change"
    After almost 18 years alive together I dont want to put miles and miles of distance between us, another 4 years at university and I'll be happy, then MAYBE we can move away from each other but for now I want my sisters support.
    I used to hate being a twin, being compared to her with everything in life, but since i started my majors and I did it on comparing twins I have realised how lucky I am, Peoples views dont matter because the only ones that do is MINE.
  3. daniellexoxo

    daniellexoxo New Member

    I agree...... my twin regina and i are just like normal sisters we are fraternal ...like some people make big deals abut it but we r just sisters born on the same day
  4. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with this. Alisha and I are identical twins and even though we can do things separate i would be totaly lost with out her. We always have eachother and thats the best blessing and gift of all.
  5. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    And yes It is hard to answer that question, we dont know any different. I would ask, whats it like not being a twin? I dont know what thats like... u know? I couldnt imagine it.
  6. jamie620

    jamie620 Member

    Yes, a lot of people really don't understand the bond between twins but it REALLY IS way different then it is with just two sisters or two brothers. We've never had to be apart, never had to have a first day of school alone, we've ALWAYS had eachother to do anything and everything with. I also used to get annoyed with being compared to her. and well it's not really the comparing that i like, but it's the seeing all the similarities and differences between us that others and myself can see. As much as I hate to say it, over these last 10 months or so, my sister and I have become very distant :( I've tried to stay close but she's chosen what she has chosen to make her own choices that I don't agree with. she's found attention from guys to be enough for her than keeping her relationship with me.. as much as I've talked to her it doesnt make a difference so there's nothing I can do but continue on with my own life...
  7. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to hear about this :hug: my twin sister seems to be a little like that lately, just doesnt talk as much as she used to. It makes me sad and I worry about it. We have such a strong bond that no one can ever understand. Personally though I just think shes stressed with uni coming up, but she just doesnt seem happy and shes very moody?! If you ever feel like you need to talk or just need a friend, im here.
  8. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    If you want go into the 18+ forum and read my PIP youll see your not alone in that view! I wrote the exact same thing as you in my pip (in more words though.)
    Sadly when people become distant there isnt anything that you can do but try and talk to them, if they dont want any of it just move on with what you are doing its sad but easier on you emotionally then being hurt by them being distant.
  9. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    She is still being distant??

    I am pretty content with the relationship between me and chloe at the moment, shes started TAFE and I am getting things ready for uni. We talk, I show an interest in what shes doing and she does the same :) Lifes going in a good direction at the moment :)
  10. Zibeline

    Zibeline Well-Known Member

    My brother and I always hear this question.

    I don't think it's something one can explain. Being a singleton. Being the eldest. Being the middle child. Being the youngest. Being a twin. Being part of a big family or a triplet and more. It's just like being identical twin or being fraternal. Having a sister or having a brother.

    No one can really explain what they live, it's just "normal", people seem to think my brother and I are quite close, share a unique bond. My brother agree that being a twin is different, I don't because I feel that every situation is different. That every single person is different, that the way you see and feel things is always different.
    There is no set of twins which had lived the same things, felt the same things. We can relate on some details or events, there will always be things that we all have lived, but no one can say they feel like someone else does.

    Last time I was talking with a friend who has a sister. She is four year older than her. That's the first time I see someone who seems so close to her sister. My other friends don't seem to like their siblings like that. That's probably because she's always buying her gifts. I thought "wow, I would love to have such a bond with my brother" and then, she told me that she thought we were very close and she had never seen siblings getting along so well.
    I also tried to imagine what it must have been like to have a younger sister and realised I just couldn't because I hadn't live that particular situation.

    So I finally said "what is it like to have a younger sister ?" Because I just can't imagine what it's like to be 4 years apart from your sibling nor what it's like to have a sister.

    So, in my opinion, we all see our situation as "the norm", I mean that it's perfectly normal for us to live the way we do. As twins and multiple are less common than singletons, people tend to ask us this question, yet their own situation is special too.
    I mean, would you say that non twins are all the same ? Siblings of twins, singletons, twins, triplets, quadruplets, we are all different.

    I admire my friend because her sister and her get along very well and they had to build this link when my brother and I somehow didn't have a choice, did we have to make effort to be close ? I don't know, it somehow seems easier to like your siblings when they are the same age as you.
  11. Damien

    Damien New Member

    Well, to be hoenst, I've never been close to my sister. We were close than other kids, but never close enough. I remember thinking how cool it would be if she was a boy, if I had a brother. I though it would be much more cooler if she wasn't she.

    Until she had an accident.

    She was hit by a car a year ago and she was in coma for two months. That's when I realised I can't live without her and that I don't want her to be anyone else but she. I reamember praying and telling God everything that I would do if she stays alive.

    So, I guess, having a twin is like being yourself. It' s easy. Like breathing. Normal. And the most beautiful part is that you love her (or him) so much you couldn't breathe if someone took that love from you.

    And I can't imagine not having her. The day she opened her eyes was the happiest day of my life.
  12. E+E

    E+E Member

    It pretty much just feels like with me and Emily that we are bestie that hang to every single day......ugh.....kidden:p
    Yeah Actually one time Emily ask what is it like being a single child to one of our friends, she said why? Well, when your a twin
    You really dont know..
  13. breh53

    breh53 New Member

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