When are you starting back to school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Aurie, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Aurie

    Aurie Well-Known Member

    When will you be starting back to school? If schooling year round, let us know that as well and how it works for you. How long and how often do you school?

    We schooled until the end of July this year. We are traveling to Washington DC for a wedding at the end of August. So we are taking the whole month of August off for our summer vacation. I am using the time to get organized for the coming school year. We will do a little work the week we get back from Washington to review our trip to the capitol. I have a unit study we will cover that week. Officially, we will start our curriculum the second week of September.

    I am trying to get all material scheduled Monday thru Thursday. We will still be doing spelling tests on Friday to give us that "extra" day of school. Our state law says kids need to be in 180 days of school per year. But I am trying to free up one weekday for added things like field trips, doctor's appointments, catching up on the house, etc. I have already prepared the kids that we may be working longer then 3-4 hours a day, but that will give them Friday off.

    Just wondering what everyone else has planned. Perhaps we can give each other ideas :)
  2. jenn-

    jenn- Well-Known Member

    We actually started back full force 2 weeks ago. During the summer we went to school-lite. She still had a book or two left in her math curriculum and we kind of ignored grammar so we did those for the summer. I have a few trips planned this fall so I really wanted to get a head start on school this year as I cannot guarentee her grandparents will be good at making her do her schoolwork (we will probably go back to school-lite those weeks). Our weekly schedule is M-F, but Wednesday is a lighter day. We have a weekly park day in the morning so she just does math, spelling, and reads from our selection of world religions books (only day of the week we do world religion).
  3. Four_to_Six

    Four_to_Six Well-Known Member

    We pretty much school year-round. I find that the kiddos (and myself too) do much better with a constant routine. Plus, when we don't take a "summer break" (i.e. two or three months off), we don't have to spend the first few weeks doing review. We can skip over that part and just jump into new material. :good:

    Our typical week is Monday through Thursday; Fridays we catchup on any unfinished school work. Fridays are also set aside for the shopping, errands, appointments, and other outings.
  4. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

    We started back up on Friday with the start of the Olympic games. Although, they have no idea that we are actually doing school. Tee Hee. I'm very laid back with how we school, out of necessity. With 2 1/2 years of bedrest, mmc, c/s recovery, and newborn twins, it has been too difficult to homeschool everyday. So we are trying to get back there slowly.
  5. mel_michigan

    mel_michigan Well-Known Member

    I just started in May and plan on a year round program. I let all but my one twin go at their pace because they are fast, fast learners. (The one twin did K this summer.) We tend to do M-F and a little on Saturday, on Saturday they are done in 30 minutes or so but they are expected to do some Kumon pages every day but Sunday. I like that we don't have to go back and review and it gives a more relaxed pace this way. I also like the flexability of spending time on things that we need to spend more time on or that I feel are more important without the pressure of a "schedule" in the way of a traditional school year. We do plan a little more time "off" around the holiday. We also plan in a lot more hands on activities and outside learning things.
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