when traveling, what's the best way to pack babyfood?

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  1. de_acevedo

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    We will be going to Italy soon and I prefer to take babyfood b/c i just don't know if i want to risk something not agreeing with them, or i don't know, in my mind i think that babyfood is easier to control... I really don't know what i should do... I still have them on formula b/c again, i prefer giving them something that I know where it came from. I plan to take them off of it when i come back. I know if it's late at night i can give them formila and not have to hope i can have milk on hand at all times. But then again i have never done this. does anyone with travel experience with have advice as to what i should do? How should I pack the babyfood so it doesn't break/leak, weight concerns... please help! and if you know of any other travel advice i should know, do share...
  2. ejradcliffe

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    Italy sounds wonderful! My suggestion would be to check with the airline first to see what their container allowances are...there are restrictions for security reasons. Once you know, I would buy the baby food in plastic containers so that it is easier pack, then just buy what you need, pack it in a suitcase with plenty of "padding" around it (clothes, diapers, whatever soft things you are packing). The other possibility, especially if the security restrictions make it hard to pack cans of formula and/or food, is to ship what you need. Most hotels should accept a shipment on your behalf a few days before your arrival.

    Have a great trip!
  3. Leighann

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    My best friend lives in Europe and when she travels her to the US with her DS, she ships the formula and babyfood ahead of time. That might be something to consider so you don't have to deal with it during your travels. You can just bring what you need for a day or so and have the rest waiting for you when you get there. Have a great trip!
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    First-before I forget-have a great trip!!

    I do not know how old your twins are...But we made the trek to Italy last July, when the boys were 9 months old(My IL's are from Italy, and the boys great grandparents are still alive over there, so we made the visit). My MIL was there earlier in April, and she brought some food back so my boys could try it.

    And really-the baby food they have there is REALLY good. In terms of brands. I can't remember the brand of food...But over there-they have MUCH better combinations-like biscotti/yogurt which my boys LOVED. They had better combinations of fruits and vegetables. My boys ate well over there with baby food. And basically, in the end-the baby food was just a backup-as they were trying everything we were. I was a bit leary, with the different types of foods/fruits, but they were fine-and LOVED most of the food-pasta, fruits...they gobbled it up! If there are no problems with allergies, I think you would be fine. Just talk to the pedi about any concerns. I did and he said things should be fine. And the formula was just as good there as well. If I can rememeber the brand, I will let you know. But I know people were telling us it was the best brand for baby food.

    FYI-they sell horse baby food...It was quite a shock to me when I saw that!

    Oh-and I brought baby food from here to last us at the airport and the first two days or so before we could get to a store. We had no problems. But I did not bring meat-I think that is a no-no(not to mention, I didn't feed it to my boys). I just brought veggies and fruits and we wrapped them up in layers of clothes. No problems. As for formula-I just packed the containers(unopened) and then opened them when we got through security.
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    You got some great responses from pp's. Just wanted to wish you a great trip - how exciting!!
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