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Discussion in 'General' started by Brizzy_Twins, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Well what a change my plan has taken. I posted this week about me having to have a possible operation with my CP and how I was planning to start my Diploma in Education Support (Teacher's Aide) Well today I went to College and I inquired into doing Diploma of Education Support next year. But my Lecturer at TAFE told I should go straight onto Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood Teaching at University because Id be wasting my time doing Diploma in Education Support for another year cause my work is already at Diploma level. She is really into helping me, she said I'd be crazy if I didnt and she said she knows one of her student's has the potiental to become a full primary teacher, meaning me.. wow. (Primary is Elementary School for us here in Austalia.)

    I never really thought about it, but I guess I would be wasting my time then if she thinks so. It does make sense now that I've thought about it. She said I could work part time as a teacher's aide while studying and i found that Southern Queensland University offers most of the 4 year course Online (Distance Education). She knows that the operation might be a possibility so she suggested I could at least do a couple long distance subjects while I'm recovering to get started. Its really got me thinking now.

    WOW I never thought I was this good! its really putting a whole new perspective on my future! I just dont know how I'm going to find the money to pay for it all. But I guess God wants me to go into this direction :) hmm exciting really. What do you guys think about this?

  2. CatherineMay

    CatherineMay Well-Known Member

    I think it's wonderful, especially since you were so worried before. :) Good luck to you, I'm glad you found out that your teacher was so supportive, you'll do great things. :hug:
  3. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Thanks :) that's really nice of you. The school I am doing my practical at for my certificate this year has the same opinion, they reckon i should do the bachelor at uni. I never thought id actually considering going in this direction its a little overwhelming.. and i need the money to be able to afford it too - looking at possible part time job with the qualification i hope to have at the end of the year.. but nothing is sorted/decided yet. Such a big decision.
  4. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    Go girl! that is so good! I am so happy for you, I think you will make a wonderful teacher! :D

    Doesnt QLD have hecs? you should look into that, thats how i am going to pay my teaching degree off when i start next year, pretty much you dont pay until you start working, and at the end cost wont be the issue but what you have achieved!

  5. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Yes Code QLD does have HEC's but Ive never had anything to do with it. I'm a little concerned at how it works - I dont want to end up with MASSIVE debt at the end of the 4 years or whatever it ends up to be. Its exciting but overwhelming I never thought I'd be cut out for uni, apparently some people do. Hey, I never realised your doing teaching to next year. What degree are you planning to do?
  6. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    I have NO idea how it works either, I know many people who are doing it though.

    I plan on doing graphic design for 6 months as that is easier to get into then swap to doing secondary teaching for TAZ subjects - community and family, hospitality and food technology. I just want to help people and realise this is a great way to do it. :)

    EDIT unless I get into the University of Canberra I will do ARTS and a degree in secondary teaching :) BUT University of Wollongong is still my first choice :)
  7. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Good for you! :WTG: thats awesome! Good Luck. Im sure you;ll be great at it! :) Its cool that we have similar interests as in we both want to help people. :)
  8. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I think it sounds like something you should strongly consider doing! Best of luck to you!
  9. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Wow, that is quite a compliment for sure. :Clap: As a former teacher myself, I value my Bachelor's and Master's degree in elementary education. Even though I am no longer teaching it has been very beneficial to me having my own child in elementary school now. :good: It is very nice to have knowledge of the education system. I think it's a great idea and you should go for it, best of luck. :)
  10. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    Thank you, the same to you! :)
  11. AlphaBeta

    AlphaBeta Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! Always nice to get compliments like that. I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work, and the Online learning program sounds like an opportunity not to be missed! Hope your surgery goes well, and your recovery is quick.
  12. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone! Im going to look into it today. I've had a pretty big week this week and I'm tired and sore, so im going to rest my legs today and just look into it all while i have a chance. I never really thought about universty, cause I dont like to end up in alot of debt after finishing the 4 year degree (if I can manage to do it full-time) since this operation could either be before or after christmas.. and ill be recovering for a few months. It is 4 years, seems long and money is an issue but like my parents said it would be totally worth it in the long run. Mum said sometimes you need to get into some debt to build yourself up later, which is so true. But 4 years wow, id be like 22/23 when i hopefully finish it. I'm hoping the online program will work for me, thats definately a priority of mine, it would work well into my lifestyle, as i dont have my driver's licence yet, and ill be put back now with focusing on getting it now that the operation is in the equation. The public transport isnt as good as it should be here, so getting to places without relying on my parents to drive me will be hard. So im hoping the online option works out for me. Thanks everyone for the well wishes for my surgery. I'll keep you guys updated :)
  13. ladybutterflyrose

    ladybutterflyrose Well-Known Member

    Tamara, OF COURSE you are this good!!! God sent the messenger to tell you :). I'm looking forward to the updates and am wishing for a speedy recovery for you.
  14. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your nice post :) I have been doing alot of research into this and have found that Open Universty Australia is an Online/Distance Education University.. and they offer the degree i'm looking at, so i might be lucky to do it online, which would be great! I also have the choice to major in something else like Music, which im considering.. ive always wanted to teach music, so this might be a way of doing it. :D It's exciting. Its a good thing i have wireless, I can do all this while resting, cant walk around much without it hurting bad.. two more weeks till i see the specialist.
  15. sullivanre

    sullivanre Well-Known Member

    That's great Tamara!! You'll be heading into the classroom before you know it. It's kind of interesting to see how your system works over there. Here it's high school then college, but it sounds like you all have an intermediary step.
  16. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    Good work Tamara! I hope that you get into it, and i love how you get to specialise in it and music would really suit you wonderfully! and having wireless while resting will be a bonus as you will be able to keep up with it!

    I got my interview letter today from Wollongong University and have the date for my interviews!! the 26th of november at 9am then at 1pm! :D
  17. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Thanks, its alot to think about right now, I hope i can get through it all :) Yeah, our system is quite different to yours. Though every state is a little different here. But here in Queensland our schooling goes like this:

    Primary School
    Prep (4/5 Years Old)
    Year 1 (6 Years Old)
    Year 2 (7 Years Old)
    Year 3 (8 Years Old)
    Year 4 (9 Years Old)
    Year 5 (10 Years Old)
    Year 6 (11 Years Old)
    Year 7 (12 Years Old)

    High School
    Year 8 (13 Years Old)
    Year 9 (14 Years Old)
    Year 10 (15 Years Old)
    Year 11 (16 Years Old)
    Year 12 (17 Years Old)

    Then College or University can start the year later when your 18
    But you dont have to go to college, you can decide to just get a job. at high school sometimes you can pick up like a traineeship in a Trade like Hairdressing, Electrician or something like that - so you can start that while your still at school. But for most kids they go straight into College after school. So yeah thats pretty much how it works. But anyone can go to uni even after being out of school for awhile through online or whatever :) It is interesting. and we call our Year 1 etc.. compared to your 1st Grade :)

    ETA: Correct Spelling
  18. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Codie, thats great! Good luck with your interviews! I wish you all the best :) You'll have to let me know how you go. Thanks, Im away this weekend visiting family so I'll have to apply after i get back I hope, or at least look into it further and consider my options :) Yeah wireless is great, so glad we got it only a couple weeks ago. I hope it works out online so i can keep up with the classes without getting behind. I'm sure TS will keep me entertained while recovering after the operation too.. it is now since i cant walk around much without being really sore.
    Good Luck with yours :)
  19. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    New South Wales goes like this

    Primary School
    Kindergarten (5/6 Years Old)
    Year 1 (7 Years Old)
    Year 2 (8 Years Old)
    Year 3 (9 Years Old)
    Year 4 (10 Years Old)
    Year 5 (11 Years Old)
    Year 6 (12 Years Old)

    High School
    Year 7 (13 Years Old)
    Year 8 (14 Years Old)
    Year 9 (15 Years Old)
    Year 10 (16 Years Old)
    Year 11 (17 Years Old)
    Year 12 (18 Years Old)

    And NSW is the only state to sit the HSC. We luck out :p
  20. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I am so excited, mum got the mail and came into my room with it to see my reaction I opened it and was like yay! Now I just have to finish the two exams I have left - one monday then one the following wednesday 9 days off to study for a 2hr exam :clapping: I shall let you know howI go but everyone who gets a letter for a interview normally gets in so keeping fingers crossed, I shall let you know i wont find out until a week of two after the interview if I get in - the waiting will be the hardest part!

    Have a good weekend away, and good luck applying! I shall send you positive thoughts your way!
    I love wireless! its so good to be able to work from different areas. I am sure if they know about the operation they would have some form of consideration wouldnt they?
  21. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Very true, though ive never had anything to do with HSC. But we have to sit the stupid QCS (Queensland Core Skills Test) the most stupidest test to figure out your OP (Overall Position) for College. It has nothing to do with any of your subjects just this random overall test/s that incorapates maths, science, literature, engligh, etc.. kinda silly. And on top of that you have all your high school classes with exams and assignments that works into the QCE (Queensland Cerficate of Education). Im glad im out of there :p maybe i shouldnt say that, i bet this Bachelor of Education is gonna be challenging.
  22. Brizzy_Twins

    Brizzy_Twins Well-Known Member

    Code, your so fast with replying lol :p Thanks so great! Good luck with your remaining exams.. YAY for the 9 days off. Does it really take that long to study for the 2 hour exam? As for your interview im sure you'll do great. What does Woolongong Uni offer you there? Just curious :) Yes I agree with the waiting, its the worst.
    Thanks, Im looking forward to go away, minus being sore... hopefully the long drive wont make me any extra sore lol. I have no idea about any consideration, ill have to look into that.
  23. Code

    Code Well-Known Member

    Yes but the hsc is overrated, seriously its 50% of your total score half was the inschool stuff its idiotic!! I think all states should have the one thing!! that would be so much easier!

    I know lol i am in a very social mood today, also emailing a professor at UOW! lol thanks, so far they have been so good - for exams :p NO way it doesnt take 9 days to study for the two exams, its very silly but thats the way the board of studies have organized the exam timetables so oh well its better for me! They offer pretty much everything, its such a pretty university in the terms of grounds and such I fell in love with it! UOW website if you wish to have a look :)

    I really think they would have some form of consideration, under the situation so have a look into it :) just would be helpful for you!
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