Wow...Where did this emotional attitude come from?

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    So a little background; DS wanted to see TMNT movie & DD did not so we decided to do a boys / girls day.  DS went with DH to see the movie and to lunch while DD and I went back to school shopping (her choice) and to lunch.  I let her order dessert with lunch (kid's ice cream sundae), which we normally do not do and while in the mall we stopped at Godiva to each get one piece of chocolate for a special treat later that night.  She kept telling how much fun it was to be out with just me and having our special girls day.
    Fast forward to around 6pm after dinner and she starts to look crabby along with teary eyes.  It was her night to pick our movie or show, so she picked the American Girl show I taped for her on the Disney channel.  She fidgeted on the couch, declared she wanted to play Uno with DH while watching the movie, and then got mad when he won 2 out of 3 games.  She huffed and flopped on the couch, so I asked her what was wrong and she said "Today just didn't go as good as I thought it would." :blink:  She then expressed how she thought it would be more "fun".
    We figured she was over tired from all the walking at the mall and then this morning she woke up with the same, if not worse, attitude.  I asked her what I could do to help make her day better and she growled at me. :mad:   :headbang:
    DH thinks that since it is "my time of the month" that she is playing off my pms emotions, but I think this is some kind of 6-year old emotional thing.  She has gotten like this a couple times before, but not this bad.  Also,  DS gets emotional sometimes, but he screams or throws his stuffed animals and we discuss how this is unacceptable behavior. 
    I am at a loss at how to deal with an emotional or hormonal 6-year old girl.  Has any one else dealt with this and did you have any things or activities that helped?
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    I'd deal with it the same way you do with your son - let her know her feelings are fine and everyone's allowed to have grumpy/sad/disappointed days but that doesn't mean she's allowed to be rude or unkind to the people around her. Once this current funk has passed, maybe sit down with her and brainstorm some ways she could deal the next time she's in a bad mood if she's finding it too hard to be kind and respectful (she could spend some time alone or find someone to chat with about how she's feeling or find an activity that helps calm her etc).
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    What Rachel said.
    Both of my kids occasionally will get an attitude and are snippy and short with me.  It's pretty much the "you can feel _________, but that doesn't mean you get to be rude or mean" lecture.  If it continues, they go play in their rooms for 30 mins and just have some quiet time by themselves.  I usually go up at the end of the time for a few moments of mom/snuggle/listen time.  That generally handles it.  
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    What Rachel said.  Both of my kids have had emotional attitudes where it is almost like you flip a switch and suddenly they are not happy.
    I basically remind my kids, it's okay to have the feeling but what matters is what you do with the feeling.  If you are rude to other people than that is not a good choice on how to handle that feeling.
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