Parenting Books

Parenting Books

Congratulations, you’re expecting two (or more!!). Or maybe you’ve just delivered two (or more!!). Now comes the hard part.

To help you with the trials and tribulations you’re about to endure, you might want to check out some of these books on the pregnancy and raising of twins and other multiples. These are among the best we’ve seen on the complex subjects of parenting and expecting multiples. We even have thorough journals where you can keep detail records of your precious gifts. Let us know if you have some other suggestions we can add to this section.
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An added bonus to consider when shopping is that proceeds from the sale of any books will go directly towards Twinstuff Outreach, the non-profit organization dedicated to assisting twins and higher-order multiples and their families.

Brand new book (2004!). 1,002 essential tips for expectant mothers of twins and/or triplets. Written by a mother of triplets who is an identical twin herself. Hardcover paperback, 270 pages.

Oversized paperback published in late 2000. This is a highly recommended, excellent resource for all women pregnant with multiples. For our online review, please click here.

A survival guide for something that many moms of multiples-to-be may have to experience–doctor-ordered bed rest! For more information on the book, you can visit the author’s web site.

One of the best books on the subject! A terrific reference material for all parents expecting multiple births. For more on this book, please check out’s online review.

Click here to order Ready or Not...
Ready or Not…Here We Come!
by Elizabeth Lyons

List Price: $17.87 Price: $13.60

The subtitle of this book is ‘The REAL Experts’ Cannot-Live-Without Guide to the First Year with Twins’ and it’s billed as sort of a “girlfriend’s guide” to the first year with twins. Click the book cover above for more information, reviews and an excerpt from this new trade paperback.

A trade paperback by the authors of ‘When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads…‘ that was published in 2001. Dr. Luke uses the concept of metabollic programming in this guide to establishing a lifetime of well-being for your baby (or babies) that begins during your pregnancy.

Multiple Pregnancy Sourcebook
Multiple Pregnancy Sourcebook
by Nancy Bowers

List Price: $17.95
Amazon.Com Price: $12.57

Released in March, 2001, this 276-page paperback was written by the founder of the Marvelous Multiples prenatal classes for expectant parents of multiples.

Having Twins and 
Having Twins and More…
by Elizabeth Noble

List Price: $18.95
Amazon.Com Price: $13.27

A recently-revised (Summer 2003) handbook for expectant moms of twins-and-higher by one of the foremost experts on the subject, Dr. Elizabeth Noble. A little more “preachy” than the other two best-selling books for pregnant moms of twins (‘When You’re Expecting Twins…’ and ‘How to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy’) but another offering that’s highly recommended.

A 300-page paperback that covers new territory–the raising of twins from birth through young adulthood. In addition to the dozens of chapters with valuable tips and advice from doctors and parents of twins, this reference material also offers numerous Q&A sessions with twins of all ages who try to describe that question that almost every twin has been asked over and over–what it is like to be a twin. All parents of twins should check out this great book!

Updated (1999) version of the La Leche League oversized best seller (380 pages) specifically written for the mom looking to breast-feed her twins, triplets or higher order multiples. Click on the above link or photo to buy the book now at or click here to read an excerpt from the book.

A fun and valuable reference material for parents of multiples during those especially difficult early years (birth to age 3). For more on this book, please check out’s online review.

A 208-page paperback book first published in June 1998. The author interviewed 20 sets of parents of twins while preparing for the birth of her fraternal sons, Joseph and Michael, and collected that advice into this helpful guide. Focuses primarily on preparing for the first year of newborn twins.

A 320-page paperback book first published in October, 1997. Book bills itself as an “authoritative reference that adequately focuses on the unique concerns of the parents (expecting twins).”

Astonishing new book which captures images inside the womb like no others ever seen. As seen in the November 11, 2002 Time Magazine, these stunning photographs will give the expecting parents (whether it be of one, two or more children) a better glimpse at their unborn children than they’ve ever been able to view before. A wonderful holiday gift for the expecting parents.

An oversized (414 page) paperback book first published in August, 1993. Several mothers of twins offer information and advice focusing primarily on potential problems in raising twins.

Hard-cover book published in April, 2002. Scientifically based, but warmly human in content as well, this study follows the development and behavior of 30 pairs of twins from their early life in the womb through to their third birthday

Another reference paperback (320 pages, first published in 1999) offering a comprehensive guide to raising twins. Covers parenting from birth well into older childhood.

Revised 1994 paperback reference on care for infant twins and parental survival.

TripleFun: From Infertility to triplets
From Infertility to Triplets by

by Lia Shackleford

List Price: $13.95
Amazon.Com Price: $13.95

One of the few books on the marketplace focusing on parenting triplets, this 2001 paperback has been very well received by families with higher-order multiples.

What Every Mom Needs
What Every Mom Needs
by Elisa Morgan & Carol Kuykendall

List Price: $12.99
Amazon.Com Price: $10.39

Written by a pair of MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers), this book received a hearty thumbs-up from moms of twins, lisadgogo, on our Twinstuff message boards, who felt “it reinforced a lot of good things I was already doing as a mom.”

Although not written specifically for parents of multiples, this comprehensive resource offers more than 500 pages of information that any mom who will be delivering premtaure twins-or-higher should find valuable. This book has been highly recommended by many Twinstuff.Com visitors who delivered premature twins.

Hardcover published in April, 2001, this paperback version was released later in 2001. Co-authored by actress Jane Seymour, the mother of 5-year-old fraternal twin boys, this book shares her experiences through her pregnancy and raising her young twins. For our less-than-favorable online review of this book, please click here.

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