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Prices, when indicated, are as of Dec., 2001.

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Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Registry at
Tender Seed Company

Birth Announcements

Twinstuff.Com’s Birth Announcements Page

Baby Grams (Candy Bars)
Cute, Precious & Adorable
Tender Seed Company
Twice Blessed

Birthday Cards for Twins


Book of Twins, The ($22.00)
Chang and Eng: A Novel ($19.16)
Dancing Naked in Front of the Fridge ($13.56)
The End of the Twins ($21.56)
Entwined Lives ($12.80)
God of Small Things, The ($11.20)
Hidden Treasures by Leigh & Leslie Keno ($23.96)
I Know This Much is True ($22.00)
Go to Your Destiny by Alvin & Calvin Harrison ($18.36)
Twins ($22.00)
Twins: And What They Tell Us … ($11.96)
Twinspotting ($23.95)
Twin Tales ($13.56)

Everything You Need to Know …Twin Pregnancy ($12.76)
Mothering Multiples: Caring for Twins… ($11.96)
Raising Multiple Birth Children ($13.97)
Raising Twins ($12.80)
Real Deal with Twins ($19.95)
Twinship Sourcebook ($13.95)
Two at a Time ($19.96)
When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads ($10.36)

Carriers & Harnesses

Twinstuff.Com’s Carriers Page

BabiesRUs.Com Slings and Soft Carriers
BabyCenter.Com Carriers & Backpacks


Twins Magazine Shoppe

Cribs & Furniture

Baby Universe
Crib & Bedding Sets from Babies R Us
More Than One

Disposable Diapers

Diaper’s Discounted (use code TWINSTUFF to receive a 5% discount)
Stork’s Choice (use code STORKM1C for $10 Twinstuff.Com discount)

DNA Testing

Gene Tree
Proactive Genetics


Twinstuff’s Freebies List
Mom’s View Freebies List for Multiples
Triplet Connections Freebies List
Twinslist Freebies FAQ

Instructional Videos

Expecting Multiples (1999) (Amazon–$84.95, 2 Videos)
High-Risk Pregnancy, Coping with a Multiple Birth (1999) ($69.95)
Your Multiples and You (NOMOTC) ($17.95)


Twinstuff.Com’s Joggers Page

Baby Jogger Twinner II (The Baby Outlet–$444.99)
Baby Trend Double Jogger (Babies R Us-$300)

5K double
(Baby Universe-$250)

Ultra Aluminum Double
(Baby Universe-$280)

Twinner II
(Babies Universe-$450)
Gozo 1×2 for Two ($485)

Miscellaneous Gifts
(T-Shirts, Jewelry, Caps, Candles, etc.)

Custom Bracelets by Lisa
Double Blessings Candles
Double Blessings
Duchess Jewelry
The Great Collection
Personalized Gifts for Twins
Twice Blessed
Twinstuff.Com’s Personalized Items for Multiples Store
Twins Magazine Shoppe
Womb Mates


Shine Time Symphony (Featuring Identical Harmony) (CD-$14.99)
Twin Spin–Tunes for Twins (CD-$13.95)
Twinstuff.Com’s Music & Learning Store

Nursery Items

Evenflo Monitor/Intercom ($58.75–Baby Outlet)
Personalized Gifts for Twins
Twinstuff.Com’s Noah’s Ark Store
Twins Magazine Shoppe (Noah’s Ark Items)

Nursing Products

Baby Bottle Buddy ($9.95)
BabyCenter Breastfeeding Dept.
EZ 2 Nurse Inflatable Nursing Pillows ($39.99)
EZ 2 Nurse Foam Nursing Pillows ($48)
Little Wonders Bottle Holder
Milk Maid Baby Bottle Holder ($24.95 for 2)

Poems (Framed Art)

Poetry Gifts (Recommended Vendor)
Twins Magazine

Publications & Stationery

Twinscriptions Stationery (Recommended)
Twins Magazine ($19..95/year)


Twinstuff.Com’s Strollers Page

BabyTrend Triplet Stroller (Babies R Us-$250)
Graco DuoLite Stroller (Baby Outlet-$179.95)
Maclaren Twin Traveller (Babies R Us-$400)
Babycenter.Com Strollers

Maclaren Twin Traveller
(Babies Universe-$400)
Tender Twin Stroller (Baby Outlet–$385.34)
Twin Stroller (Combi) (–$319)

Double DeckerStroller.Com
Double Strollers from More Than One
Double Strollers from Strollers4Less
More Strollers from Babies R Us
Stroller Accessories from Strollers4Less
Stroller Covers from CoverUs
Triplet/Quad Strollers from Strollers4Less


Twinstuff.Com’s General Toy Store
Twinstuff.Com’s Twinfant Diversions Store

Twin or Triplet Clothes

Copy Cat Kids
Multiple Outfits
Twice as Nice Shop
Twin Outfitters
Two Cute
Unlimited Additions
Used Items from ToBuyTwo (Auctions)


Multiple Escapes (Near Disneyworld)

Big Daddy (DVD-$16.99)
Double Teamed (VHS-$12.99)
Expecting Multiples (VHS-$69.95)
Face to Face (VHS-$26.06)
House of Yes, The (VHS-$12.99)
Little Twins, The (VHS-$11.99)
Mystery of Twins, The (VHS-$13.99)
Parent Trap , The (1961) (VHS-$17.99)
Parent Trap , The (1998) (DVD-$19.49)
Twin Falls Idaho (DVD-$23.99)
Twin Stories (VHS-$17.99)
Twins (VHS-$9.98)


You can also try searching for items on eBay for general terms (twins, strollers), or specific items (double strollers, twin clothes, etc.)