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Kids/Adults Section

Famous Twins
Additional Essays and Information We've Assembled on Famous Multiples

Database of Famous Multiples
A searchable database of famous multiples and parents of multiples, broken down into categories.

Twinstuff.Com's Guide to Twins in the Movies
We summarize more than 100 movies about multiples into categories. It's the most extensive list of its type on the Internet!

Twinstuff.Com TV Guide
Our constantly updated guide to TV shows and movies on national and cable networks during the next few weeks.

Twins on TV Shows
Okay, not all of these are "real" twins, but here's a neat compilation of characters on TV shows who were supposed to be twins (and in some cases, played by twins).

This Date in Multiples History
Important and not-so-important dates in the history of twins and other multiples.

Twinnacle of Success
A very comprehensive guide to famous twins, arranged by category.

The History of Higher Order Multiples
An original essay with an historical look at celebrated births of higher order multiples.

L'Histoire des Naissances Multiples
en Francais.

Twins in Politics
Our guide to twins or parents of multiples in the political realm.

Twins in Major League Baseball
Profiles of the eight sets of twins who have each played in the majors.

Twins in National Football League
Profiles of the 10 sets of twins who have each played in the professional football ranks.

Twins in the Olympics
A look at recent Olympians who are twins.

5 Twins: The Story of Poseidon
An essay on the King of the Sea and his five sets of twins. And you thought you had your hands full with 1 set?