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Birthday Party Ideas for Multiples

Planning and holding a birthday party for one child can be a challenge, but how about the extra pressures and stress of hosting a party for twins or triplets? Granted, you will likely hold the party for both children at the same time, but making sure you give each child his or her individual attention (make sure you have birthday cakes for each child!), trying to keep a group of youngsters occupied and happy as well as trying to keep an eye on more than one of your children can be a major challenge for all parents of multiples!

We want to help you with some ideas and tips to lessen the pre-birthday party stress and hopefully allow you to relax (as much as possible) to enjoy the big day with your twins or triplets! Check out some of the lists and tips we offer at the right of this page.

All of the themed ideas listed below can be ordered online at Birthdays in a Box. Each themed box (starting at just $58) comes complete with eight invitations, table settings, tablecover, and party favors in your theme as well as balloons, a streamer and candles. You can add on more items for additional party guests at the checkout page! For more theme ideas and party selections, please click the box shown below.

Popular Themed Parties (All Ages)

(click on pictures to see individual packages)
Daisy GirlCars & TrucksFarm AnimalsSafari JungleHula Girl
Popular Themed Parties (Younger Twins)

(click on pictures to see individual packages)
Sesame St. SmilesSesame St. FriendsBob the BuilderDora the ExplorerBlue's Clues
1st Birthday Themed Parties

(click on pictures to see individual packages)
Barnyard 1st B-DayClassic Pooh 1st B-DayDaisy Smiles 1st B-DayDisney Pooh 1st B-Day

Proceeds from any sales of birthday party items through a direct link from this page will benefit Twinstuff Outreach, our non-profit organization dedicated to helping twins and higher-order multiples and their families.


Birthday Party Planning List

Developing a Theme

Party "Recipes"

Celebrating Birthdays with Multiples

Multiples B-Day FAQ

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